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Each monthly box from Your Audiobook Club includes two audiobooks that are selected from among hundreds of titles. We choose audiobooks that tell great stories and will capture your imagination. Great for commuters, business travelers, vacationers, retirees, book enthusiasts, and drivers of any kind. Perfect gifts.

99 per month

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  1. Angela

    I was a member for the year 2017. I paid for a full year, but I received book for only about half of the year. The boxes stopped coming and all emails to the company went unanswered. Now I’m being hassled by an automated system that keep saying my membership is in danger of ending because they can’t process my credit card. I actually had to cancel the card because I couldn’t find the place on the website to cancel the subscription. I am quite frustrated by this… It is not as good as it seems 🙁

    • Hello Subscription

      It looks like this subscription is completely shut down. We recommend a few things – using the cratejoy site to subscribe instead of subscribing directly (it’s easier to manage your subscriptions that way), if there’s an issue after an unsatisfactory resolution, contacting your credit card company asap. It is much better NOT to wait.

      For audiobooks I personally recommend Scribd if you like to listen to them just once: (they have ebooks too, it’s a really nice deal, we personally subscribe to this one, my kids love it!)
      If you want to be able to keep your audiobooks, then audible is a good bet:

      Hope this helps

  2. Your Audiobook Club

    We’re now shipping to Canada! We wanted to have a great rate possible before making it available. Shipping is only $10.

  3. Your Audiobook Club

    Here’s a photo of our box for November 2016. Two great audiobooks from best selling authors!