Tugabox is a surprise box of real every day Portuguese products, a subscription model to meet Portugal lovers’ needs. Every month we select products thinking on those who live far from Portugal and want to something to remember the taste and smells of Portugal.

99 per month

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  1. Talía

    A monthly surprise, an unexpected gift, great news after a hard day… this is what Tugabox means to me. Prepared with love and care by Rita, you know that you will get unexpected surprises, sometimes because they take you back to your childhood, sometimes because you discover something new…thank you!

  2. Patricia Leite

    Tugabox is just a megacozy present. you can have this Portuguese taste wherever you are in the world.

  3. Raquel

    A small treat from home every month 🙂


    What a wonderfull box to receive every month. It takes me to my childhood whit products I used to buy or it makes me discover products which are always highly apreciated.
    Thank you Rita

  5. Oana Robescu

    I got one Tugabox so far, but I really liked it! You can almost imagine the atmosphere around the box, a little village, a cute local market…
    I would definitely recommend it!

  6. I Campos Matos

    Great to ‘matar saudades’… 🙂 Love the box, it’s a lovely surprise every month!

  7. Dominique

    Je me suis abonnée à Tugabox depuis plusieurs 7 ou 8 mois, et tous les mois, je suis agréablement surprise par son contenue. J’ai adopté cet abonnement, et c’est définitivement mon petit “plaisir nostalgique” mensuel 🙂

    • Valerie

      Translation provided courtesy of Google Translate: “I have been subscribing to Tugabox for 7 or 8 months, and every month I am pleasantly surprised by its content. I adopted this subscription, and it’s definitely my little “nostalgic pleasure” monthly.”

  8. Gabriela

    I’ve tried Tugabox to surprise my friends that are abroad.
    I know they miss portuguese products since they went way and I wanted to send them a “Save the date”, so I really enjoyed the possibility of sending a personalized message along with all the goodies in the box.
    They loved it!
    The box had really great products, of brands they grow up with, and they were able to “taste” Portugal in the Netherlands.

  9. John

    Tugabox was one of the first subscription box I’ve tried and it was an amazing experience. Since my return from abroad I was craving the Mediterranean flavors, and TugaBox manages surprise me every month.
    The value is also incredible, the quality of the curated products is so good. I find myself wondering what will come in the next month issue.
    I definitively recommend this subscription box! Awesome product!