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Thrive Market Reviews

Updated October 23, 2023

Thrive Market

Thrive Market makes healthy living easy and affordable. More than one million members enjoy 30% savings on organic groceries. Membership grants you access to more than 5,000 food, home, and beauty products, which arrive at your home via fast, carbon-neutral shipping. From pantry staples to trusted supplements to sustainable meat and seafood and much more, you can get everything you need from Thrive Market.

95 per year

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Becoming a Thrive Market Member

While online shopping has made it easier than ever to buy lots of stuff, whether that stuff is good for you is another question. If you’ve ever bothered to look at food packaging, you might wonder what exactly you’re putting in your body. GMOs, chemicals, pesticides, and other shenanigans might leave you shaking your head. 

Enter Thrive Market, an online grocery store focused on delivering organic, sustainable products at affordable prices. When you become a member, you gain access to everything they offer, including plant-powered cleaning products, clean beauty products, organic wine, and more. They make it easy to shop in a way that’s good for you and good for the planet without demanding premium prices. 

Thrive Market has a massive social media following and has been featured in leading publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and Fast Company. That’s because they’ve remained laser-focused on the goal of making healthy shopping affordable and accessible. 

How a Thrive Market Membership Works

You start by answering some simple questions so that the shopping experience can be as smooth as possible. The questions include:

  • Who are you shopping for? (Just yourself or family members too?)
  • How often do you shop for groceries?
  • What’s on your typical shopping list?
  • What diets are you interested in? (Gluten-free? Nut-free? Whole30?)
  • What values or causes are most important to you?  

Once you become a member, then you can build a box and set up recurring deliveries via Autoship. This takes all the stress out of shopping. No more digging around to see what exactly you need–it just shows up on your doorstep. Of course, you can always edit items, skip a delivery, or pause Autoship any time you like. 

And you won’t have to deal with coupons or member cards to get fantastic deals. Thrive Market offers savings of 30% on organic grocery items and you can get another 5-10% off when you choose Autoship. 

How Much Does a Thrive Market Membership Cost?

Membership is just $5 per month or $60 annually. This gives you access to the marketplace’s best deals on healthy products. You can then get additional savings by using Autoship. If you need to, you can also place one-time orders. Those eligible for the Thrive Gives program aren’t charged for membership, meeting the company’s goal to make healthy shopping accessible to all. 

Thrive Market says that it saves consumers money by connecting them directly with all the leading brands, thereby cutting out middlemen and retail markups on products. You’ll find savings on everything from extra virgin olive oil to organic raw cashews to tomato sauce to disinfecting wipes. Plus you get free shipping on all orders more than $49.

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Pros & Cons of Thrive Market


  • Savings: The easiest thing to recommend about Thrive Market is the great prices. Members save an average of more than $30 every time they shop. With the cost of everything rising these days, it’s these kinds of deals that can help you continue to shop for high-quality, organic goods. In fact, Thrive Market’s prices are frequently better than Walmart’s on a whole range of organic goods. 
  • Sustainability: Thrive Market isn’t just good for your wallet–it’s good for the environment too. Thrive Market uses carbon-neutral shipping, has a goal to be zero-waste certified in 2022, and carries brands that have eco-friendly packaging. The company lives its mission to provide sustainable solutions for everyday basics.
  • Popular brands: Unlike some of its online marketplace competitors, Thrive Market carries brands that you know, including Seventh Generation, Bob’s Red Mill, Whole30, and more. They also have their own brand of goods, all offered at low prices.
  • Shipping: Reviewers give Thrive Market high marks for its fast shipping. You can easily schedule out when to receive deliveries and members receive free shipping on any grocery order more than $49. 
  • Dietary assistance: If you’re only looking for foods on a specific diet like gluten-free or vegan, then shopping can be a real chore. Fortunately, Thrive Market takes all the guesswork out of the equation. Simply change your filters and you’ll only see items approved for your diet. Sticking to a diet is hard enough on its own–Thrive Market makes it much more convenient.
  • Free trial: If you’re not certain you want a Thrive Market membership, you can get one free for 30 days. They bet that if you try it out, you’ll find that you’ll love their low prices, fast shipping, and quality products.
  • Customer service: Members love Thrive Market’s responsive customer service team. You can always reach out to them via their social media pages, through their app, by email, by phone, or by live chat. This is one reason why Thrive Market gets a 4.2-star rating on Trustpilot. 


  • Some reviewers noted that Thrive Market sends a high volume of emails. However, you can opt out of these emails. 
  • Thrive Market doesn’t offer fresh produce, instead carrying frozen and shelf-staple products. So you will need to go to your local grocer for these items.  

How Do I Maximize My Thrive Market Membership?

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Thrive Market membership:

  • Thrive Market has more than 90 filters which makes it super simple to customize your search results to your preferences
  • Use the mobile app to make ordering and price comparing a breeze
  • Take advantage of Autoship to schedule monthly orders so you never run out of essential items and qualify for additional savings
  • Check out Thrive Notebook for fantastic recipes and news
  • Take advantage of amazing promotions on all your favorite brands
  • When you spend more than $49 on groceries, you qualify for free shipping–and a bonus gift!
  • Browse the Deals and Extra Savings sections to find the absolute lowest prices
  • Check out the Cash Back section, which lets you save up to 10% on your next purchase

Is Thrive Market Worth It?

Do you find that you want to eat healthy, organic food but are put off by the high prices? Then you may want to give Thrive Market a try. They offer up to 30% off on organic groceries and carry more than 5,000 food, home, and beauty products. You can feel good about your membership too knowing that Thrive Market uses carbon-neutral shipping and donates memberships to help families in need. 

To start your membership at a low rate, click on this link.


How Does Thrive Market Compare with Public Goods?

Like Thrive Market, Public Goods offers a membership-based system that grants access to low prices on a variety of items. A Public Goods membership costs $79 annually. Public Goods carries one type of product per item. So, if you want shampoo, you get the Public Goods brand of shampoo. The goal is to cut down on the decision fatigue associated with the normal shopping experience. Public Goods also has a commitment to sustainability.

One of the differences between the two services is that Thrive Market focuses on organic food whereas Public Goods focuses on household items. Thrive Market carries a wide range of popular, eco-friendly brands, but Public Goods only has its own brand. A Thrive Market membership is somewhat cheaper at $60 per year.   

How Does Thrive Market Compare with Whole Foods? 

Whole Foods is known for organic food just like Thrive Market. It does not have a membership model, though Amazon Prime members are eligible for deals at Whole Foods. You can shop at a Whole Foods store or order online. 

You’ll find many of the same items on a Whole Foods shelf on Thrive Market. The difference is the price. Reviewers say they save hundreds of dollars a month by shopping on Thrive Market, which has prices that are up to 30% lower on a range of high-quality items. You get all the same healthy, sustainable products as you would at Whole Foods, but without the premium cost.

What Are Thrive Market’s Shipping Policies?

Thrive Market offers members fast, free, carbon-neutral shipping on any grocery order over $49. The company says that it uses this threshold to encourage members to order several items at once as shipments have an environmental impact. 

Here’s a breakdown of the shipping costs:
Groceries: More than $49 qualifies for free shipping; less than that is $5.95
Frozen: Free shipping for any order more than $120; less than that is $19.95
Wine: No shipping charge on orders over $79; less than that is $13.95

Typically orders are processed within 12 hours and shipped within 24 hours. You’ll receive shipping confirmation and tracking information for every order. If you want to check the status of an order, you can do so anytime by signing into your account.

Pantry orders usually take two to four days to arrive after placing your order. Frozen orders typically take two to three business days to arrive after shipment. Wine orders usually arrive within three to six days of order placement. 

Can I Cancel a Thrive Market Membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply log in to your account and click the green Chat button in the lower right-hand corner to connect with a customer service agent. You will still be able to access your membership perks until the end of your membership period if you do cancel. 

What Is Autoship and How Does It Work?

Autoship is Thrive Market’s recurring shipment program that allows you to get an additional savings of 5-10% off their already discounted items. You also will never run out of essential items again. No more looking to see if you have enough paper towels, peanut butter, or olive oil. Log in to your account and select the Autoship option to enroll.

You can always edit upcoming shipments, add or remove items as needed, change a delivery date, or skip a delivery. Thrive Market will send an email reminder three days before shipment to give you the opportunity to customize your box. 

What Are Shopping Lists?

Shopping lists provide a way for members to organize their favorite products into curated lists. You can then share these lists with family and friends or post them on social media. This way you can tell people about what brands you’re supporting and offer gift ideas. 

Can I Gift a Thrive Market Membership?

Yes! It’s easy to share a Thrive Market membership as a gift. They even offer the option of adding shopping credits to help your gift recipient get started. To give a Thrive Market membership as a gift, use this link

How Is Thrive Market Eco-Friendly?

Thrive Market strives to live up to its mission to protect the planet in a variety of ways. They offer carbon-neutral shipping, and the company is working toward being carbon negative. Currently more than 90% of the items in their facilities are recycled composted, or reused. Packages are all recyclable as well. Thrive Market carries organic, ethically sourced, non-toxic items that keep your family and the environment safe.

Is Thrive Market Right for Me?

The bottom line is that if you’re someone who likes organic food but is price-conscious, then Thrive Market makes sense. Thrive Market has all the ease of shopping on Amazon but delivers a healthy, eco-friendly shopping experience. Members consistently report that they love Thrive Market’s convenient Autoship option; selection of food, home, and beauty items, and daily low prices.

Do you want to sign up for a Thrive Market membership? Go here to get a great deal on your first box! 

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