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The Sportsman’s Box

The Sportsman's Box is a monthly delivery of gear and supplies all catered toward the sportsman's lifestyle. Our team of sportsmen carefully test and select unique products from premium brands for each box that the hunter and fisherman need . With our monthly boxes you can be sure you have everything you need for your next hunting trip or fishing trip. From hunting in the fall to fishing in the spring to every day life, our box will satisfy the Sportsman in you.

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  1. Gertrude

    This company has been by FAR, the most unprofessional subscription box I’ve ever ordered from. After two months of trying to get in touch with someone after not recieving a paid for order, only to find myself being blocked by email and calling to a voicemail box that was always full and never even rang. They informed me that my order was “mysteriously” lost and they couldn’t do anything to rectify this other than reissue the initial box I ordered. I will NEVER order or recommend anyone order from this company due to lack of accountability and professionalism. This is NOT how you treat consumers.

    • Trebor

      Yes they are they kept charging me when I purchased one month tried too them but voicemail phone was off

  2. Trebor

    Do not buy item horrible experience trying too contact them

  3. Bert

    My review is regarding their subscription renewal policy. I subscribed to the 3-month auto-renewal for my father. I intended to buy him three months for Christmas on 12/21 and then cancel before the next started because I didn’t realize the gift package was an option (my bad…I was hastily researching several of these companies at the time and didn’t get a chance to read through every page of every website). They then initiated the auto-renewal on March 1 at midnight with no reminder (just a bit shady…most legitimate companies send you a reminder email and then let you cancel if you don’t want it) and charged me for an additional three month period. I emailed and explained to them what happened, and they refused to refund even though the new box had not even shipped yet (scheduled to ship after the 10th, I believe). They instructed me that I should have gotten the gift subscription if I did not want to get screwed over. STUPID ME. Apparently, they have a Draconian refund policy which they do have written on their page…but one would assume it would be regarding a refund for boxes ALREADY sent…not ones that are scheduled to be sent in two weeks. I’m disappointed because my father seemed to like it, and it would have been great to do every year. But because they would rather get their money now instead of later, they’ve lost a customer. Best advice (for myself included): never do business with a company that has an absolute no-refund policy. Companies with such rules in place are typically overcompensating for a low-quality product or poor management in my experience.

  4. Heather

    I ordered this monthly subscription for my husband for Christmas. I’ve never had a problem with shipping or billing. Seems as though other reviewers did not take the time or due diligence to research the concept of a subscription box. Oh well… my husband gets his box monthly and it’s like a little kid at Christmas. He can’t wait to see what new “outdoor toy” he’s gotten to play with. Haha!!

  5. C Edmunds

    They constantly bill and continue the subscription even if requested to Stop. Buyer beware they will not discuss or stop the box without continuing to charge for months

  6. Morris Pridgen

    Don’t waste your money- first box I got was a joke- lip balm, and arrow puller ( helps prevent calluses) really?. SD card holder and a fishing vest. Very disappointed.

  7. Kaitlin

    The WORST customer service I have ever encountered!! They started randomly charging my card for boxes that I had not ordered and that they had no intention of shipping me! I contacted customer service and was told they did not charge me….my credit card company assured me that they did. Fixing it has been a huge hassle. So, I cancelled the membership and 2 weeks later they tried to do it again! Thankfully I already cancelled the credit card so I do not think the second false charge went through (as of today anyway). Again customer service was rude and useless. Do yourself a favor and stay AWAY from this subscription.

  8. Jj

    The customer service is horrendous. The products are okay at best and what I initially signed up for a single month, winded up being a year. Shady company. Now, it’s either pay for every month or pay to get out of the subscription. I would never recommend this company to any one.

  9. Emma Blaskewicz

    TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The customer service team is awful and very rude. What I thought was a one time fee was in fact a subscription. Customer service is impossible to get on the phone. This company is terrible and just out to scam you.

  10. Rich

    Got my first box today and spent approx $54. What I received…..a box of crap that didn’t even cost as much as what I paid. Pretty disappointed but as I read through reviews of other monthly subscription boxes – I see a lot of the same kinds of comments. Looks like they’re all a rip off…oh well.

  11. James Scheibein

    So fellow consumers I ordered the denali box and it was my first one and I was cool with it. It met my needs and expectations and as far as the common review of price gouging I find that as of now not true 1. the items I received after countless hours of research and price matching the market value was $192 before shipping and handling for every individual item utilizing Amazon, Wal-Mart, guidefitter and other sources. 2. Let’s not ignore it also serves as a means of having your gear selected for you resulting in Pro. Many hours researching, and time spent in stores irrelevant, Con. You may not get gear that you want which is a reality.
    3. Use it for what it is a fun box you can look forward to with gear you never heard of with wow cool, and sometimes thats a dumb item roulette. In closing its fun if you have the money to have fun with it and you will get lucky and save some too, always find a purpose for any item you get and it won’t be money wasted happy hunting