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We are the first big and tall clothing subscription box. Our goal is to make your life easier when it comes to fashion. We all realize that clothes can make a man feel better about himself. We not only want you to have great outfits, but we want you to feel great too. When you look great, you feel great.

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  1. Eric

    Charges Credit Card, but no product.

  2. Damian

    Wow! I feel a little comforted reading these reviews and glad I’m not the only one who’s been having a frustrating experience.

    The subsribtion started our wonderfully. I loved everything I received. Then something happened. Box stopped coming even though my credit card was being charged. The first time the situation was rectified, and though the box arrived I received duplicate clothes. I inquired about the situation and they gave me a way to return the clothes to exchange – awesome! Then boxes stopped being shipped once again. The situation was rectified, but this time the clothes were not as good, most were not in the style I selected in what I felt was a very comprehensive online style survey. So, I go online to check things out and my profile is not longer there. Now I am experiencing a third wave of boxes not being received. I have emailed them to inquire and as of right now I’ve heard nothing. We’ll see if I get charged for another box and another month of missing product that I’ve paid for. What had potential has been highly disappointing.

  3. Alex Amaro

    First box came in ok (not amazing, just ok)… after that the entire experience has been a total joke. I’ve allowed this group MONTHS to make it right and they have not taken the opportunity so I will begin leaving this review on my experience on all outlets. (which I truly think they don’t care about)

    Not only have I been charged for 4 boxes, and received 2, communication has stopped altogether and months have gone by with nothing. I’ve emailed and messaged on Facebook to which they apologize, send a shipping confirmation email which sits and never gets sent. My only guess is they’re taking my money and literally going and finding the cheapest items they possibly could, then casually forgetting about me and ultimately ignoring me.

    The first box I received was ok, it was filled with a pair of pants and 2 shirts from JC Penny… The second box, which I’m surprised I ever even received was junk. I emailed and Facebook messaged them repeatedly about the 1 month+ delay in the box and it seems like they frantically threw together a box filled with “Maximus Brand” polos and ugly shirts that completely do not match what I wear. Email and messages regarding that box again went completely unanswered. I almost searched for an address and literally DROVE up to Austin from San Antonio to find out what the heck is going on. All in all at $100 a month, I know I shouldn’t be expecting Gucci… but at the same time I did not expect to be seemingly robbed of several hundred dollars with no response of messages. I REALLY wish this would have worked out, but sadly it didn’t. My advice, stay away and go with someone else or make it out to the stores yourself. :/

  4. Troy

    Ditto every single other reviewer. I’ve had the same problems, and I just deleted my card info from the site. Now, the waiting begins because on the 15th they are supposed to debit my account again. If they are able to do that without my card info on their site, I’m lodging a complaint with my credit union and calling whoever I have to in Austin, TX where they’re based to get them investigated. It’s obvious these people are running game.

  5. Paul

    Heed the warning of other reviewers. I thought i was the only one who got crappy service but apparently not.

    I signed up for them around October 2017 i believe. The 1st box was somewhat OK. I loved the pants and t-shirt, but some of my style preferences were not considered.

    The next month i decided to just cancel my subscription. These fools continued for 3 MONTHS to charge my credit card for a cancelled subscription. I had to constantly email them to refund me. After the 2nd time this mess occured, i decided to just replace my credit card. Good thing because today they tried charging me AGAIN! DO NOT use this service. Highly unprofessional, tired and thru.

  6. Cole

    Extremely unprofessionally ran service. They were consistently behind or slow in mailing out the boxes every month. I would get charged somewhere around the beginning of the month and not receive my box until somewhere around the 3rd week each month.

    They also seem to not pay attention to changes with their customers. I changed my size on their website, but continued to receive the old size for three months until I finally emailed them asking what was happening. I didn’t receive a response and had to email again. This multiple email cycle repeated everytime I had an issue, if I actually even could get a response from them. Finally, I received a response and asked if I could return the previous few months’s boxes and get larger sizes. I was fed a line about only being allowed to return the current months but that he would “allow” an exception in this case for a certain number (not all) of my items. Note that this was completely their fault for having not updated my size in their system.

    Fine, that was a bit rude and not customer friendly, but I can deal with it. The last straw however, was when I moved. I changed my address on their website, but received a call from my old landlord saying that a package had been delivered there. Sure enough, it was this box. I open it up, and three out of the four items are exact duplicates of the previous months. I sent an email asking them to confirm my new address and to replace the duplicate items, didn’t hear a reply. I waited a week, sent another one, didn’t hear a reply. Waited three or four more days, sent another reply saying that I was going to cancel if I didn’t hear back by the end of the day. Finally, he replied asking me to confirm my new address, which I did, but replied asking about returning the duplicate items and didn’t hear a reply. I go this morning to cancel my subscription and it appears that I already had been cancelled, so apparently he kicked me off. Oh, well.. Good riddance.

    So, in summation, I probably spent $500-600 on this service, and in return I got a whole bunch of attitude and crappy customer service, a whole bunch of clothes that don’t fit me, three duplicates of previous month’s items, a crap ton of socks and stupid trinkets (which all counted towards my monthly “items”), and about three items that I actually like. It was a complete waste of money. Whoever runs this service really needs to decide whether their heart’s in it, because you can’t run a successful business like this.

  7. Jason

    I’m basing my review off the initial experience I’ve had with them as I have not received anything in 20 days. I understand some of the box subscription services are a month behind – you pay, wait until the next pay period and then the first box ships. And that’s great for things that are say, less than 50 bucks a month. However, at this price range, I need to know what I’m getting before I plunk down another 100 bucks. I have not heard a peep about when I can expect my box. I’m letting it ride to see how long. In the meantime, I cancelled my subscription which led to another ugly surprise – I cancelled on 11/24 and received a message that they will process it 12/15, well after the next payment is due. Needless to say, I’ve deleted my credit card information from their site. We will see how this plays out.

    All in all, I’ve had a bad experience and I haven’t even received my first box. If you are reading this review and are just wondering if you should start this subscription or not, my opinion and recommendation is to try to find something else first. If you can’t, maybe revisit this – your experience may be different from mine.

  8. Anonymous

    Terrible experience. I subscribed to them and the sizes were off. I changed my sizes on the site and sent back my shirts for the right size. The next order was messed up as well. I emailed them and explained the problem and they said they would refund me refund me for the second month but they they’ll still send me back two shirts from the first order. So I wait for the return box and I got charged for the third month even though I canceled my subscription. I wrote them again and they said they would fix it. Two weeks later I get an email saying they’ll only refunded one of the two months. And I received another package in the mail. I wrote them and even after telling me they would refund it they denied that they will and told me they “appreciate my subscription” in a smart-ass way. Terrible customer service and this could have been taken care of months ago but this company doesn’t have a phone number on the site to call. My experience with them has been far from “an easier way” to find clothes. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!