The Heima Box

This monthly subscription box is simply called Heima (which means “at home” in Icelandic) and includes carefully curated home and garden goods. It will bring to your home good quality designs all in the Nordic/Scandinavian style.. You can pick between minimalism, boho or modern styles but what you get will always be a surprise so you will look forward to each month.

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  1. Adam

    Basically the same experience as the other reviewer except I only got one box from a three box subscription. So many excuses and seeming lies as every time I was told a box will be arriving it never did. I would then be told another excuse why and then oh, a lost shipment was found! But still, I never received what I paid for. They seemed to either go out of business or just closed shop because I haven’t heard from the owner in months and their site doesn’t work.

  2. Tammy

    I wanted to avoid writing this review, but I’ve reached a place where it seems necessary to say something. The tldr; version is that this subscription service is terrible, and I may potentially have to take them to small claims court. Do NOT trust this company. I signed up for a 6-month subscription on Sept. 3. Despite the fact that the website (at the time) said new subscribers will receive their first box right away, I didn’t get one until nearly four weeks later, and only after I emailed to find out where it was. Fast forward to Nov. and I still had only received the first box, and in the meantime, the company completely changed the way it did business. Instead of getting a pre-selected set of items once a month, they now required you to pick your own items with a total cost that matched a pre-set dollar amount. Thus, customers were forced to spend a great deal of time on the website doing the math to try to figure out what collection of items they could get that will meet the pre-set amount. Next, despite only having received one box and paying for a 6-month subscription, two months later, I was charged the full 6-month amount again. The owner of the company was quick to reply to my email about it and refund the money, saying their ecommerce website was not functioning correctly and they would be transferring to a new one. Still, though, I had only received one box and was told they were waiting on the shipment of the items to complete my second box. I got a couple more strange emails without explanation (such as refund for items that were supposed to come in my next box), then finally had to ask them again in mid-November what the hold up was. At that point, the owner said other items that were supposed to have been in my second box were broken before they could ship them and they couldn’t get replacements. She said I could replace them by ordering something else from their website, but since their website didn’t work, it wasn’t clear how I was supposed to do that. Eventually, two items out of four I chose did arrive in the mail, but by that point, I had asked for a refund for my remaining subscription balance. To recap, in three months, I’d received one full box and half a second box, been charged in full twice for a 6-month subscription, and only got information about why the process was so dysfunctional when I specifically asked for an explanation. The owner agreed to refund me the balance, but now it’s been two weeks and I haven’t received it yet, plus she is not responding to my emails asking for proof it’s been issued. I’m so disappointed in this company and this experience. I really wanted to support this small business, but it’s clearly been a mistake. I only hope I don’t have to file fraud charges and take them to small claims court to get my money back.