Every month Swimfluence ships a box, filled with awesome gear and essential products, preparing swimmers across the world for the ruthless chlorine ridden environment that is all too familiar. Swimfluence aims to build healthy habits as well as introduce customers to products they never would have known existed!

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  1. Jill S

    Our kids have each had a subscription now for over a year and we LOVE Swimfluence!

    Here’s the deal. Swimfluence isn’t a replacement for going to your local swim shop. Their boxes change from month to month. If you need a new pair of goggles, go to the shop and get them. Don’t hope and wait for next month’s Swimfluence Box to have a pair, just because the previous month’s box did.

    For us, Swimfluence is all about the extra items we can’t get for my daughters at Dick’s or the local swim shop. Autographs from Missy Franklin, fun swim apparel (halloween shirt and x-mas sweater were AWESOME) we can’t find anywhere else, and motivational posters that they actually want to post all over their rooms and lockers at school. Items like that make my two swimmers happy and that’s what matters to me.

    Ps. Every cap we have ever received except for one has been good quality silicone. The only one that wasn’t was an autographed cap that I can’t imagine they intended to be worn due to the autograph.

  2. Disappointed

    I gave this company several chances (approx 4 months), because my daughter asked for this as a birthday gift. A few of the items she received, like the Swimmer Things water bottle, were nice. But there was only one month where I felt like the box was anywhere worth the price we paid for the subscription. Never did we receive a swimsuit, they sent latex caps (not nice silicone ones), and cheap posters. Also, the Christmas sweatshirt, which was cute, arrived on December 22nd because they ship so late in the month. Hopefully it will fit next year…

  3. Zach J

    Y’all are too uptight! January and February’s Boxes have both been hits with my son. If y’all are getting Jason Lezak autographs and A3 avenger goggles as expo freebies I want to work where you work!

  4. Not worth the money

    Unfortunately, the value of the box is not there. My daughter was so excited to subscribe to this box and it has been one big disappointment. Most of the stuff that comes looks like it was freebies from an expo. In addition, unsubscribing is confusing and not easy. Most subscription boxes have a button to click and subscription is discontinued. This company requires a personal email from the subscriber who is probably a child under 18. A parent can’t send an email which I find very annoying as most kids are using their parents credit card in the first place.

  5. Anna

    Both of my kids love the posters that come with the boxes, they have them hung up all over their walls. The boxes have gotten a lot better over the past few months. They were super excited to receive an autograph from Jason Lezak last month!

  6. Renee Alfonso

    I’ve had my son Rashad subscribed since 2016 and he loves his blue boxes from Swimfluence!

    Support has always been helpful. Rashad’s box was lost one time and support had a replacement out to us a few days later, no questions asked.

    Never had repeat items either. Boxes are always new each month! They frequently post current box pictures on Instagram so it’s easy to confirm that we received everything we were supposed to.

  7. Unsatisfied customer

    I wish I could say we loved the Swimfluence boxes we received, but we didn’t. I bought a 3 box subscription of my daughter for Christmas (2017). They cost me around $80 Australian dollars PER BOX including postage from the US. The contents were boring and repetitive. We did receive a Missy Franklin signed cap which was great in November (and I acknowledge that was a great item), besides which the box was empty aside from some cheap promotional paper products. My daughter was very disappointed. In December we got a cheap sweater which my daughter liked, again with a few very small promotional items (some repeated from the November box…sigh…) Today we received the January box. It contained a signed Lezak cap (OK product) but we got a signed cap a few months before, a super cheap no brand drink bottle, a cheap DVD, and more paper products. I’m actually really sad having seen how great these boxes appeared when they started out.

  8. Shanna Darwish

    Horrible, horrible company. Items poor quality and useless. Promotional items never received. Would give zero stars if I could. The person we dealt with was rude and very unhelpful. We are still being charged after multiple requests to cancel our subscription. Will be contacting the bank tomorrow to take some kind of action. Beware!!!

  9. You'll get good stuff if you're a friend or youtuber

    A holiday sweater?!? See, this is why the ratings are so polar. I have NEVER gotten anything as substantial as a sweater. In fact, for January (our last box, hopefully, as our subscription runs out) we got the “poster”, a CD of a workout you can youtube, ANOTHER water bottle exactly like a few months ago and ANOTHER swimcap exactly like one before. So now we’re down to repeat items.
    I truly think there is some significant bait-and-switch going on here.

  10. S Chapman

    What are these other reviews on about?? We subscribed in July during the Dolfin Tech Suit promo and have loved our boxes since. My daughter especially loved Missy’s Cap in The November Box and her holiday sweater in December’s Box. The box also got her into reading SwimmingWorld and her door at home is covered top to bottom in Swimfluence motivational posters. We’ll continue to pass Swimfluence on to members of our team!

  11. M Stephan

    I subscribe to a lot of monthly box subscriptions and this one is the worst. I just got the December box for my daughter of Christmas and what a disappointment. You would think they would make the December box really good since a lot of people buy as a Christmas gift. This is the most I have ever paid for a monthly box subscription and thought it would be full of great items but it was not. It was like another reviewer said “like you’d find for free give-aways as a expo”.

  12. I'm not a friend; I'm frugal.

    I disagree with the comment from the owner’s friends. Yes, back when it started (and when our favorite swim youtubers and bloggers got boxes to review) the merchandise was interesting and great. Since then the value has dropped off significantly. A box filled with low-quality swimfluence branded throw-aways is not worth it. In six boxes we got, we only received one that I felt was worth the money (the swimmers things one). Additionally, it seems that the promo boxes sent to reviewers contained different items. When I emailed the company asking if these items were missing from our box, I also got a rude answer. I understand that they may be new at this, but that doesn’t mean we should throw good money after bad. Bottom line: Not worth the money. If you are their friend, you can continue to pay for low quality in hopes they get better, as you suggest we do. For me, I’m not going to invest more money in something that I don’t see value in. Maybe it just means they are in the wrong business or need to learn to be better businessmen.

  13. Susie

    My kids and I enjoy this box! While it’s true that, every once in awhile a box may be less than spectacular, the majority of the time the boxes are great and that makes it totally worth it to us. For instance, while we, much like the two of you below, didn’t care for The August Box, we really enjoyed July’s Box which came with a FINIS DUO. Now, we’re looking forward to November’s Box which is coming with an autographed cap from Missy Franklin! We’ve gotten to know the owners, who are college students by the way, over the months that we’ve been subscribed. They’re not perfect, but, they’re good kids who are learning the ropes and have added something fun to the sport, so, I give them a break. If they can make it so that 12/12 boxes per year are incredible, instead of the 8 or 9/12 they’re currently at, then, they’ll be set.

  14. Frustrated Mom

    Do not waste your money. My daughter saved her money and ordered a box. Everything in the box was a marketing item for swimfluence and incuded a TShirt, a super cheap water bottle, a sticker, an almost disposable drawstring backpack, and a poster. All labeled with swimfluence. Maybe a total of $10 worth of junk that we will not use. I emailed customer service and got a not very friendly reply. We will never order again and will make sure her friends see what she received so they do not waste their money either. So disappointing and extremely frustrating.

    • Brandy

      Thanks for your contribution. Don’t forget that you can also leave a photo here for others to reference!

  15. Anonymous

    Boxes are okay…not worth the money you pay for them. Owners of the company have a lot to learn about how to handle a customer. Have never had a more negative experience!!

    • Dissappointed

      I agree with the other reviewers. We ordered a box for our daughter based on the reviews of previous boxes, which included all sorts of items from renown swim and fitness brands. We got nothing of the sort. Just cheap junk branded with the Swinfluence name, like you’d find for free give-aways as a expo or something. If it was a decent waterbottle, sure, but certainly the contents’ value don’t add up to more than $5.