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Stitch Fix Kids Reviews

Updated October 25, 2023

Stitch Fix Kids

Stitch Fix Kids is a kids curated clothing delivery service that provides a personal stylist to hand-pick items for your kiddos based on their style preferences and your budget. Each box contains 8-12 clothing items curated by fashion experts based on current trends. The cost of style curation is applied to purchases from your box and shipping is free both ways.

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Subscribing to Stitch Fix Kids

Subscribing to Stitch Fix Kids is easy! Simply cruise on over to Stitch Fix Kids and click the Get Started button. There is no subscription required and you get to choose if you want your Kid Fix shipments on a set delivery schedule. Next enter your billing and shipping information, and once you pay your $20 styling fee, your first order is placed and your Stitch Fix Kids delivery will be on its way in about a week.

How Stitch Fix Kids Works

Once you enter your kiddos’ sizes, style preferences and your budget, a personal stylist will choose 8-12 items for your Stitch Fix Kids delivery. Your $20 styling fee goes towards the purchase of items. If you choose to purchase all 10 items, you get an additional 25% off everything. All of the clothing items in your Stitch Fix Kids delivery start at around $10.

Your kids will have 3 days to try on their Stitch Fix delivery and for items that don’t work for them, you simply return any items in a prepaid shipping bag that comes in your Kid Fix delivery. Then you can go online to checkout and provide feedback to the stylist about what you are returning and why. You can also let them know what your kiddos loved about the items you decide to purchase. Your stylist will then take this information for curation of future Stitch Fix Kids deliveries.

Stitch Fix Kids Examples: Which Designers May Be in Your Box

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Hurley
  • O’Neill
  • Toms
  • Joe’s Jeans
  • Under Armour
  • New Balance
  • Flag & Anthem
  • Threads 4 Thought
  • Hatley

Stitch Fix Kids Pricing and Options

There is no subscription membership fee and for a $20 styling fee, you can get 8-12 items for your kids in each Stitch Fix Kids delivery. The $20 stylist fee can be used as a credit to purchase any of the items in your box. Decide to keep all 10 items in your box? You get 25% off your entire purchase. Kids sizing options range from 2T to 18 so there are lots of options for all of your kiddos from toddler to teen.

It is worth noting that Stitch Fix also has Women’s and Men’s Fix delivery options in addition to the Kids boxes. These work slightly differently than the Stitch Fix Kids plan. The cost of curation is the same at $20 a shipment, but you only get 5 items with the Women’s and Men’s Fix deliveries. Women’s sizes run from XS to 3X and includes subcategories of Plus, Petite or Maternity. Men’s sizing runs from XS to 3XL and has an option for Big and Tall.

Stitch Fix Kids Benefits and Drawbacks

Stitch Fix Kids Benefits

  • For a $20 styling fee you get 8-12 items handpicked just for your kiddo
  • Save time and money by skipping the mall and having items delivered to your doorstep
  • Buy everything in your Kids Fix delivery and you get an extra 25% off your purchase
  • Free shipping both ways

Stitch Fix Kids Drawbacks

  • Your kids may not love everything in their Kids Fix delivery
  • If you decide not to purchase anything in the Kid Fix delivery, you lose your $20 stylist fee, but chances are with 10 items to choose from, even a picky kid will love a few of the styles
  • You can’t mix and match sizes in each Kid Fix delivery so for multiple kiddos, they will have to get their own delivery

Is Stitch Fix Kids Worth It?

It seems like we are all busy these days and just getting busier. Between work, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, driving kids to and from sports practices and school events, who has time to pack up the kiddos and drive them to the mall to shop? And we all know kids grow… fast! Keeping them outfitted in the latest styles every season can feel overwhelming.

Well Stitch Fix Kids has a solution to make your life just a little easier. For a $20 styling fee, you can get 8-12 items for your kiddo based on their sizes, personal style and your budget. Most items in the Fix Kids deliveries start at $10 an item. Your $20 styling fee is credited to your account for purchases from the delivery and if you decide to keep everything in the delivery, you get 20% off the entire box.

So is Stitch Fix Kids worth it? Let’s do the math. Say you get 10 items in your Fix Kids delivery and decide to keep it all. You get 25% off the purchase which makes each item come to approximately $7.50 an item. You really can’t beat that deal for brand new brand name kids clothing! And think of the time and gas money you’ll save (as well as the headache) of not having to drive to the mall.

Stitch Fix Kids Tips

To create an account for your kid, you will need to create a Stitch Fix Kids account in your name first. If you already have a Stitch Fix account for yourself, you can add up to 4 kids on your account which turns your account into a Family Account. Any referral credits or other credits are then combined into this one account where you can easily track all of your orders. Your spouse or partner will need to get their own account, but you can use your referral code and get the $25 credit to your account when your spouse pays their first $20 referral fee.

Got multiple kiddos? They each get their own sub account on your account to get their own personalized Stitch Fix Kids deliveries based on their unique style and sizes. With size ranges from 2T to 18, back to school shopping just got a whole lot easier!

In addition to curated Kids Fix deliveries, Stitch Fix now offers Stitch Fix Freestyle which is an a la carte online store. Simply visit the Freestyle tab on your account and browse individual items and outfit recommendations for you or your kiddos. With thousands of adult brands to choose from and 40 plus kids brands, you are all sure to find something you love.

Want your Stitch Fix Kids deliveries sent on a certain schedule? You can choose every 2-3 weeks, every month, every 2 Months or seasonally every 3 months. If you aren’t sure what you think you’ll want, you can choose to have Stitch Fix Kids deliveries on demand. You can change your mind at any time.

How Stitch Fix Kids Compares to Other Kid Personal Stylist Subscription Boxes

Stitch Fix Kids versus Kidpik

Kidpik is a monthly clothing subscription box for kids sizes 2T to 16. When you join, your kids will receive 8 clothing items customized to mix and match. Your kids will have 7 days to try on the clothes and return whatever they don’t like. If you decide to purchase all 8 of the items then you get 30% off your entire box. The styling, shipping and returns for Kidpik are always free.

With Stitch Fix Kids deliveries you pay a $20 styling fee up front for 8-12 curated kids items based on sizes, style and your budget. If you decide to purchase anything in the box, your $20 fee goes towards your purchases. If your kids love everything in the Kids delivery, then you get 25% off your entire order.

With both Stitch Fix Kids and Kidpik you get to choose the frequency of your custom box deliveries which is great for multiple, growing kiddos. The main difference between the 2 kids clothing delivery services is that Kidpik only offers their own brand of Kidpik clothing, whereas with Stitch Fix Kids, the clothing brands are brand name and sometimes designer. So which is the better kids clothing delivery option? Both are great for younger kids who don’t necessarily care about tags and band names, but if you have a teenager, they are probably going to prefer Stitch Fix Kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Stitch Fix Kids delivery cost?

The styling fee per Fix delivery is $20 for 8-12 curated items picked to suit your budget and your kids’ style preferences and sizes.  This fee can be used as credit to purchase items in your Kid Fix delivery.

What comes in each Stitch Fix Kids delivery?

Your kid will get 8-12 brand name clothing items based on their size and own personal style. Some of the brands in the box may be Nike, Adidas, Toms, Hurley, O’Neill as well as other popular brands.

What is the sign up process for Stitch Fix Kids?

Simply hop on over to Stitch Fix Kids to create an account. Next, enter your billing and shipping information, pay your $20 and your first order is placed.

I already have my own Stitch Fix account, can I add my kids to it?

Yes, absolutely. You can add up to 4 kids to your account to create a family account which makes it easy to keep it all on one account.

Can my kids choose what comes in their Stitch Fix Kids delivery box?

Kids Fix deliveries are curated boxes with picks from personal stylists based on style, size and budget. You are able to add on Extras such as socks or undies to your box if you choose.

What is Stitch Fix Freestyle?

Stitch Fix Freestyle is an online shop where you can browse and purchase items and outfits a la carte separate from your curated Kid Fix delivery box.

What types of payment does Stitch Fix Kids accept?

Stitch Fix Kids accepts all major credit and debit cards. PayPal is also available as an option.

How do I cancel my Stitch Fix Kids delivery?

You can cancel your Kid Fix delivery at any time. If you are on an auto shipment plan, simply go to your account to pause or cancel your upcoming shipments.

Do I have to enroll in automatic shipments?

Not if you don’t want to. You can schedule Kid Fix deliveries at a frequency of every 2-3 weeks, every month, every 2 months or once a season. You can also get Kid Fix deliveries on demand if you choose.

Once I place my order, when will my first Stitch Fix Kids delivery arrive?

You get to choose your delivery date, but generally the earliest your first Kid Fix delivery will arrive is within one week.

Is there a Stitch Fix Kid referral program?

Yes. There is a referral code on your account you can share with friends, family or on social media. You get a $25 credit for anyone who signs up using your referral link.

Can I add my spouse or partner to my Stitch Fix Family account?

Unfortunately, no. Accounts allow for 1 adult and up to 4 kids. However, your spouse or partner can create their own account and you get the $25 credit once they join and pay their $20 referral fee.

I have multiple kids, can I put them all on one Stitch Fix account?

Yes, you can have up to 4 kids on your family account, but their Kid Stitch deliveries orders will have to be placed separately.

Where does Stitch Fix Kids deliver to?

Stitch Fix delivers to all U.S. territories, including the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam, as well APO, FPO and DPO addresses.

How much does shipping cost?

There is free shipping and returns on all US orders.

Does Stitch Fix Kids offer returns on purchases?

Yes, you can return any item that you have purchased in either your curated Kid Fix delivery or from Stitch Fix Freestyle as long as it is within 30 days of purchase.

What gift options are there?

Stitch Fix offers 3 gift card options, mail, email or print-at-home. Gift cards are also available at some well known retail grocery and drug stores in the gift card section.

What if I have a problem with my order?

You can message customer service through a link on their website or email them at [email protected]

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