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Stitch Every Day

Stitch Every Day is a monthly subscription box with that goal, to help get you stitching every day. Each box consists of an individually wrapped goody for each day of it’s month (January 2020 has 31 packages, February has 29, etc), just like our popular Countdown Boxes. 19 of the packages are small charts (25×33 stitches), that you can stitch as part of a single mosaic project for the month, or use in other smalls. The remaining day packages include small embellishments or thread yardage you can use in stitching these designs, or add to your stash for a future project. The border file (shown in the second image) will be emailed to you once we process your sign-up. You can stitch multiple months together to create a large sampler by adding additional blocks to the original border.


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