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Steel To Reel Club Reviews

Updated February 25, 2024

Steel To Reel Club

Steel to Reel is truly a one of kind subscription box that gets you top quality outdoor gear, brought to you by the experts at Outdoor Life Magazine as well as Field & Stream. We hand-pick our gear using the knowledge of a combined 10,000+ hours in the great outdoors. Whether you’re an outdoorsman or just looking to get out there, this is for you!

99 per month

Steel To Reel Club Reviews + Ratings
28 ratings

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  1. Michael Swaar

    Very disappointed. Barely 400$ worth of gear and you’re supposed to get more then the exact value. I got the January 2024 box. Highest tier. I found everything on Amazon at price, or cheaper. No extra value, no more gear for the larger subscription. There is no card, or pamphlet going over the gear like Crate Club, and Battle Box who really put some effort into their boxes. You get some tape that says. “Steel to Reel” that’s IT. Everything is thrown in the box, and you get to figure it out. Very disappointed since it’s supposed to be veteran owned. Being a veteran, I would at least take a little pride in appearance and marketing.

  2. Charlie

    Just got my first box and love it. Thanks guys at steel to reel 🙂

  3. Marlene F.

    Steel to reel has been a really fun experience for our family. shout out to customer support for the help. Looking forward to our next pro box.

  4. Ruben Masters

    We live in New York and spend a good amount of time in the outdoors so I subscribed to steel to reel and love the 3 pro boxes I got so far since summer. I like that there’s no duplicate stuff so you get a lot out of the subscription as time goes on and it doesn’t get dull.

  5. David Hernandez

    The Survivor elite box was really good. My family and I have already used some of the camping related products on a trip we took two weeks ago. Will likely grab one of the lower tier boxes too just for more variety for the kids.

  6. Dillion U

    I saw an ad for this club last month and it looked pretty cool, so I bought it and am very satisfied with what I got. My box had camping supplies, water filtration, emergency food and water, and a few more things. My kids were super excited to unpack everything and learn about all the products as well. I highly recommend steel to reel.

  7. Jesse Masterson

    customer service has been really helpful, and we thoroughly enjoy the boxes we’ve gotten so far from steel to reel.

  8. Osher k

    Bought as a holiday gift for my son and I’m glad to say that it passed with flying colors. He’s already planning on what he’s taking on our next camping trip. Great way to teach about survival and outdoors. Highly recommend.

  9. Ad

    Just received my first box and it was GREAT. Looking forward to future boxes.

  10. Jackson

    This is a great box. So far I’ve received a bunch of awesome gear that I’ve already put to use, and I always look forward to what I’ll find in the next one!

  11. Marie M

    I bought a steel to reel box for myself and my husband last month and I just got my second one. Loved both boxes so I’m hoping it stays consistent. Customer service was helpful too!

  12. Mark Edelstein

    received my first box 2 days ago and am very impressed with the survival gear. I did some research on the products and I paid $129 for the box but the actual price of everything is around $200 which is really cool. Looking forward to getting my next one

  13. Tom

    I have been receiving the Survivor Plus boxes for a couple of months now and will be upgrading to the Pro box as soon as I can. The boxes have been great! The quality of products are top notch and they include items I would not have thought to purchase before.

  14. Adam Halen

    The gear in this subscription box seems really well thought out and practical. The value is definitely there. Definitely a good buy for anyone looking to start a go-bag or be more prepared.

  15. Guy

    I pre-subscribed for Survivor Plus to test the waters and boy do those waters taste like trash. This is wish.com level quality. You would be better off buying stuff at Walmart. “100% Money Back Guarantee” means you have to pay for shipping it back to them. And if you try to warn others on Facebook they block you, but still target you with FB Ads. Total trash.

  16. Carl Trenz

    Pre-paid for their Survivor Elite subscription for the entire year, a little cheaper to pre-pay. I am very disappointed in the value received for the price paid. The cost of the items in the box does not even come close to the amount paid. Needless to say, I reached out to their customer support multiple attempts, but no joy. Will not subscribe again, or recommend this offering.

  17. Justin

    Their advertisements are a joke compared to what they really send out every month. I have given this company two chances and been let down big time both times. They don’t even try to make things right. They just take your money and move on to the next sucker. My last box that I had to ask for after they over charged me for it. Contained items that I could have bought at Walmart for $5-10. It had a little stick of lip balm as one of the items. Don’t waste your money and don’t become one their suckers like I did!!!

  18. Michael Geffert

    I am sorry to say that I ordered the Elite pro. and feel that the box was skimpy for that price! I also was expecting the Elite Bonus box which never showed up! I have tried to contact cutomer service several times with no answer. I have temporarily canceled my subscription until I get what I ordered. I will update you on future reviews how they handle this, if they want my money in the future!

  19. Kristina

    I have mixed feelings right now. I ordered the elite subscription and really liked the products. My box was almost double the value i paid for it with the 25% off deal. I have yet to recieve the free bonus box that comes with it. However, I was unclear from the website that the box only ships quarterly & I had thought I was paying for a monthly box & saving money by paying quarterly. I was disappointed on discovering this and I am wondering if it wouldn’t be better to level down to an actual monthly subscription. I would suggest they could send the bonus boxes for the elite subscription monthly with the quarterly subscription so I still get the satisfaction of a monthly subscription.

  20. Cassandra

    I received my box yesterday. It had 4 items in it. The total retail amount of the items before tax was $85 I paid $74 for the box. Add tax and shipping and it is totally not worth it. The items are cheap and wouldn’t survive a camping trip much else anything else.

  21. Vincent hesse

    Bought my 3 month subscription 4 months ago am still missing 2 boxes and have been getting the run around then I left an honest opinion on there sight on Facebook and they blocked m wouldn’t give this place your money if it’s the last survival box standing I sure won’t ever give them mine again waist of time and money

  22. Timothy Castles

    Paid for a survivor pro box but got survivor plus box.

  23. David Perkins

    Box was a complete joke! Very disappointed for what I paid.

  24. Mark Callahan

    What a joke…bandana, inflatable pillow and a plastic blanket. Don’t forget the dog collar tourniquets for my neck after I shop my head off. No customer service phone number and no email response. Kiss that 170.00 good-bye….total rip off

  25. Sean

    I take my previous comment back now that I really looked at my box and I’m very sorry about my previous comment

  26. Sean

    Very disappointed in the box I just received for the pro level I get a bandana as one product I can get that from the store. And the other products really. I wish I could take a pic of it and post it. Not impressed at all a waste of money.

  27. jendan

    we ordered the pro box in june and have yet to recieve any pro boxes we recieved a very small missing pieces and parts free box and then recieved a replacement free box since then nothing we emailed customer service wanting a refund and got shyed off with a your boxes are coming response and a faulty tracking number we spent over 353.97 for a 3 month sub and have literally been dissapointed ripped off and sadly got nothing remotely usable in our free box we are out door survivalists hunters etc and found that what we recieved in the free box was useless and total value of items so far are possibly around 50$usd best bet is to stay clear of this sub and get the gear you will want and use from an outdoor store you will save tons of money and come out with way more items and less stress trying to deal with customer service and lossing several hundred bucks in the process

  28. Ryan

    Going on 2 months from my order date and no package or indication that it is on its way. They did provide a faulty tracking number which did not work for UPS or FedEx the two shipping services they said they used to ship my package. They have not responded to emails in the last two weeks which means that at least the lies have stopped. On the other hand I continue to receive emails asking me to order more boxes. Do Not Order/subscribe!

  29. Kevin Fitzgerald

    Another disappointed. Bought the pro, annual subscription, $1100. The first was good then very disappointed. Seems I saw somewhere an extra box would be coming as a bonus. I thought the second box was just that a bonus. A small around two pound box. Since that one that is all I have been receiving, small, two pound boxes. Not what I would subscribe for $30 let alone the $90+ or so that I paid for. Tried to cancel and get a prorated refund, nope. The two other subscription boxes I have received from other companies were great compared to steel to reel. I just disappointed and stuck. Would rather cancel and have them keep the rest instead of receiving a depressing box. Claiming to be a veteran, should be embarrassed to make that claim after what this company sends.

  30. Patti

    I ordered the $40 survivor box for my son. I was disappointed. The biggest item was a big box of fire starting material. (Basically kindling). A very cheap material shemag, a survivor card (cheap) a really night emergency blanket. And a WET WIPE. Really? A wet wipe. Wow. Not impressed.
    Battle box was much better.

  31. Levi Nestegard

    Very disappointed. I got the 59.00$ box. It was almost a week late and like someone else said I thought they sent me the 30$ box and it looked small for 30 even. Was really looking forward to it. If u look at there 59.99 box on Google it will take u to pics of bigger boxes that look good but thats not what your getting. Thought they had a decent score until I scrolled down a lil more and found this. A 2.3 out 5 and more upset ppl like me. Big bummer! I probably would have spent a lot here if they were better.

  32. Kerry

    I can only speak to their Elite subscription, but it’s a great box so far. I have received two. The first was great but didn’t blow me away. The second was really fantastic. There IS some junk in the boxes – a lot of Stansport stuff in the last box was underwhelming, but honestly the box was so full that if they didn’t even put that stuff in at all I would have been happy anyway. I think my only issue and it’s super minor is that there hasn’t been any fishing stuff. I guess I thought the “Reel” part of the company name implied I’d get stuff for fishing? But no biggie – it’s still a great mix otherwise of hunting/survival/camping gear.

  33. Minty O'Callaghan

    I got the Level 3: Survivor Pro 3 months subscription. “For serious survivalists and outdoorsmen that are truly ready to take their preperation to the next level. This box includes everything from the Survivor and Survivor plus levels with additional top tier gear such as heavy duty Bags, Tents, Stoves and more.”

    (yes preparation was spelled wrong)

    I thought this would be a perfect way to check out some cool survival gear.

    I didn’t receive any heavy duty bags, tents or stoves. Instead, I got a box full of “tactical-inspired” gear and a whole lot of Made in China stuff. The stuff was cheap and not very useful. Reel cover? Cheap nylon hammock? Baby Swiss Army knife?

    NOT very “Survivor PRO”.

    Save your money. I did appreciate the fast customer service in canceling my subscription and getting refunded (though they did charge me a month sooner than they should have).

  34. T. a

    Didn’t get the discount I expected. Joined the $ 129 monthly level and was very disappointed with the items. I thought they made a mistake and sent me the 35 dollar level items. If you decide to return a box you are looking at expensive shipping fees that you pay for. This place is North Haven Connecticut which is expensive to ship to pretty much where ever you are. I took a chance and got burned.