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Steel to Reel is truly a one of kind subscription box that gets you top quality outdoor gear, brought to you by the experts at Outdoor Life Magazine as well as Field & Stream. We hand-pick our gear using the knowledge of a combined 10,000+ hours in the great outdoors. Whether you’re an outdoorsman or just looking to get out there, this is for you!

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  1. Minty O'Callaghan

    I got the Level 3: Survivor Pro 3 months subscription. “For serious survivalists and outdoorsmen that are truly ready to take their preperation to the next level. This box includes everything from the Survivor and Survivor plus levels with additional top tier gear such as heavy duty Bags, Tents, Stoves and more.”

    (yes preparation was spelled wrong)

    I thought this would be a perfect way to check out some cool survival gear.

    I didn’t receive any heavy duty bags, tents or stoves. Instead, I got a box full of “tactical-inspired” gear and a whole lot of Made in China stuff. The stuff was cheap and not very useful. Reel cover? Cheap nylon hammock? Baby Swiss Army knife?

    NOT very “Survivor PRO”.

    Save your money. I did appreciate the fast customer service in canceling my subscription and getting refunded (though they did charge me a month sooner than they should have).

  2. T. a

    Didn’t get the discount I expected. Joined the $ 129 monthly level and was very disappointed with the items. I thought they made a mistake and sent me the 35 dollar level items. If you decide to return a box you are looking at expensive shipping fees that you pay for. This place is North Haven Connecticut which is expensive to ship to pretty much where ever you are. I took a chance and got burned.