Every month we send out packages of inspiring products and gifts to encourage you to live well. We believe that true happiness comes from feeling connected to the people around us, the natural world and our own feelings. Lots of people are realising that while we live in an increasingly interconnected world they actually feel more detached. This is easy to do when we are constantly taking in other perspectives and lives. We can lose ourselves. Being in touch with who we truly are, allows us to fully engage with the world in a fulfilling and positive way.

SlowBox is curated to bring you ethical products which will help you slow down, think and connect in a way that brings you joy. We search for the latest makers, artisans and small businesses who create beautiful products in a sustainable, ethical way. Our boxes are beautifully simple and made from recycled materials so you can feel good about treating yourself.

Each month SlowBox features 5 items themed and curated to inspire you to live well. They feature delicious artisan treats, natural self-care products, inspirational books, plastic-free innovations, notebooks, lovely things for your home and more. Each box comes with a mini magazine discussing the theme of the month.

22 per month


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