Skivvie NIX

Skivvie NIX is a women’s underwear subscription for the classy broad. Receive 2 pairs of spankin’ new undies each month. No more embarassing riff-raff in your underwear drawer.

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  1. tiffany.narvaez

    Skivvie Nix is pure genius! From the name, to the concept, to the prices, this subscription service is hands down top-notch. At $17 a month (shipping is included), the subscription price is affordable. Panties come adorably packaged like cuts of meat right to your door. The style and quality of the panties are amazing; super comfy and cute. The best part of it all is the convenience this subscription service brings to my life. I’m slowly able to finally throw out my raggedy unmentionables (don’t judge – we all have these!) and replace them with super cute undies that were hand-picked for me based on the cut, colors, and styles that I like. I’m just thrilled at the prospect of not having to physically go underwear shopping again. Thanks, Skivvie Nix, for making me a classy broad!

  2. jmhelton522

    Absolutely love the hassle free way of getting new skivvies to my doorstep each month without having to worry about running out to get/find more! if you are all about convenience and don’t have enough time (like me) to run to the mall to find cute undies, then this is perfect for you! Make sure to subscribe! You won’t be disappointed!