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Sheets Laundry Club

It’s a better way of doing laundry. “Mainstream” laundry uses way too many plastics and dangerous chemicals & toxins. Simply reducing plastic & harsh chemical use wasn’t enough. We completely ELIMINATED them.

Even better – we did it while developing a detergent that works as good as the big brands while not costing more. Our laundry sheet is a dissolvable, biodegradeable sheet of detergent. It COMPLETELY dissolves in the wash within seconds and provides you with a soft, fresh, clean load of laundry every time – guaranteed.

It’s premeasured, convenient, mess free, hassle free, and lightweight. Our sheets weigh 10x less than liquid and pods, take up 6x less shelf space, yet are 100% as effective. We are laundry done right. It just makes sense.

99 every other month

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