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Shades Club, a monthly subscription box for premium sunglasses, is a new and innovative sunglasses delivery service, best known as the official alternative to overpriced designer eyewear. We’re disrupting the eyewear industry with high-quality shades designed in-house by our stylists and manufactured by the same craftsmen as the world’s largest brands, and by treating our members like family. Over the course of a year, you’ll get 12 pairs to build your own complete collection of shades. Yes, you keep every pair, and your 1st box includes our exclusive and innovative fold-up case ($40 value). First box value of $105 and shipped to your door for just $45/mo. SAVE! by subscribing for 4, 6 or 12 months upfront, and get them as low as only $24/month! It’s 2018, why over pay for sunglasses still? Join Shades Club today!

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  1. Awful service

    Absolutely horrible customer service. It is supposed to be a monthly subscription but you’ll get an email that it shipped and the sunglasses won’t show up. When you contact the company, you get attitude from their ONE customer service rep and a sob story about how busy she is. Don’t waste your money.

  2. Juan Rivera

    Not good customer service. Not even my first box received. Since October 3 been charged and no sunglasses yet

  3. Juan Rivera

    Well don’t know how works for others but they charged me October 3,2020 and they haven’t send my sunglasses yet. Sent email to ask about it but they guess are too busy with other stuff and are no able to respond. Anyway have to canceled think they need to have a better customer service and availability on their products.

  4. Yikes

    Poor customer service and low quality sunglasses. Great if you are a guy who would like to be shipped glasses that are clearly for a female. Stay far away. And I second that all the 5 star reviews are fake. Probably put up by the company itself. Should be called “Shady” Club.

  5. Jus Sayin

    All 5* reviews here are fake. Written From same date. These are low quality over priced garbage

  6. Lauren

    I thought this started out some-what strong for a subscription. I did 12 months then another 6. 19 pairs total (they gave a bonus). First few months I got different shapes and colors, but 7 months in, they were all black, and almost no variation. I kept waiting for something colorful or fun or even just dramatically different in shape, and it never happened. I also think the quality started to deteriorate. I’m not sure If the business started to struggle over time? But the sunglasses became very cheap. All in all all, this subscription started out strong but after a few months took a turn that felt like I was paying $29/month for shades from Walmart.

  7. Randy Schroeder

    Extremely low quality. You will find better quality sunglasses at a gas station for a lower price

  8. Matt Wester

    Great styles and service. So nice not having to worry about losing a pair of shades.

  9. Aaron L.

    I’m so glad I found this company. I’ve built up an awesome collection of shades for a very affordable price. I love having options to match different looks, and it’s always exciting to get a new box every month. Customer service is great, too!

  10. Tiffany Lewis

    Awesome subscription and product! I enjoy getting my monthly shades delivered to my door. I always love the color, style and fit. I now have an amazing collection of shades to match any outfit! Highly recommend!

  11. Mirza

    Always have a smile on my face when I get my shades club box in the mail every month. Quality sunglasses, awesome selection, super fresh style. Highly recommended

  12. Mike I

    Best bang for your buck. Great shades at a great price delivered right to your door! And even if a pair doesn’t seem to fit your style, there’s no reason that you can’t be a good citizen and give a pair away to a friend. Every time it brings a need customer to the Shades Club family.

  13. Amanda Adams

    I always have MULTIPLE great pairs of shades on hand because of Shades Club. I have a few pairs in my car, more in my house, and always at least two in my purse. I love having quality shades that don’t break on me with constant use. I also always enjoy being able to match them to my outfit or mood because I have so many options without spending too much on them. My friends are always amazed by the amount of shades I have and are constantly asking to borrow them when in the car or out and about. Love you guys and am excited about my next box!

  14. Jamie S

    Loving Shades Club! All of my pairs have fit my small face. I would love it if you could start a referral program since so many friends have joined, it would be cool to get rewarded. Keep up the great work!

  15. Elise

    I’ve been wearing these shades since the day I signed up. I love having multiple pairs on hand at all times – to match my outfit or my mood. Plus, if I ever lose a pair, it’s a sad day but not the end of the world since I know I have more coming my way. ?

  16. Blaine

    Hate standing in the store turning the sunglasses rack for thirty minutes only to realize everything looks like garbage?

    Let these guys send you the best looking shades and save you the time, every pair I get is S-W-E-E-T.

  17. Chris Komarek

    Great subscription box, never disappointed. User friendly site and great service.

  18. Caleb Hayworth

    Great shades and great customer service!

  19. Mark Bourke

    Love this Box! Always on time and great shades!!

  20. peterbarko

    I’ve been a very happy Shades Club member from the very first shipment received! I’ve tried every other high-end sunglasses brand and prefer the quality and style of Shades Club shades over anything else out there! It’d be impossible to find sunglasses this good under $100 a pair, so you can’t beat the value. Why only have 1 or 2 pairs? This is an awesome way to grow your collection so you have multiple sunglasses options to choose from every day. It’s fun getting a present in the mail every month, with a well-presented gift box waiting for you with each shipment. Also, the sunglasses case you get with each order is absolutely genius. You’ll be so glad you subscribed just for the sunglasses case alone. I haven’t had any issues but they’ve always been responsive and on point if you have questions about anything.

  21. Jalil Asaria

    Been a member for over a year now and without fail have gotten compliments and a ‘where are those from’ every time i put on a pair of shades club sunglasses. easily the most valuable subscription i have.

  22. Rebecca

    Love Shades Club. My whole family loves getting the box each month, and we get to pick who gets each pair. We loved it so much we signed up for a 2nd box so we wouldn’t fight as much over each pair. Favorite box yet!!!