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  1. Jenny M

    I subscribed for a year, and when I received my first spice pack with fun recipes I was ecstatic. I recommend the subscription to friends and family. I even bought a subscription for my bother’s Christmas present. The product is great, and in the beginning they quickly posted vegetarian dishes to make with the spices. My husband and I have a great time cooking together and trying new food. Unfortunately, a few months in I started to receive the monthly spice packs at irregular intervals. In March I didn’t receive a spice pack and had to work with Raw Spice Bar customer service. It took three additional weeks to work with customer service and receive my spice pack. Customer service was slow to respond and kept asking me to wait. I asked for a free month of spices to be added to my account for the inconvenience; I ended up getting two of the same spice packs, but I didn’t complain because it took so long and too much communication to resolve. A week later I received a late April spice pack. My coworkers lives in the same state, but is still waiting for his April spice pack. They are now slow to post vegetarian versions to make, and I am often looking elsewhere online for vegetarian ideas.
    If they can get their reliability and customer service improved, and timely post vegetarian dishes to make, then this would be a great subscription. As is, I will not recommend to anyone and will not renew.