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QBox is a monthly box of hand-selected cute items in beauty, fashion, accessories, home, and food. You will get 5-7 Full-size products and premium items, value over $70. Also every box includes a piece of jewelry!

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  1. AdmiralOtterPop

    I subscribed to Q-Box back in February. I went ahead and did a 3 month subscription, because judging by their past boxes I knew I would love it. I also ordered their special box, so I was going to be receiving 2 boxes in my first order. Since I ordered so late, I wouldn’t be receiving anything til the March box which I was completely ok with. On the 21st of March, I received an email saying my order had shipped. I waited the 12 business days with absolutely no sign of a package, and I started to get a little worried. It never takes anything long to get to me, even when I order from Japan. I sent them an email on the 4th of April inquiring about my order and when I didn’t receive any response, I wrote them again on the 6th. When I still didn’t hear back from them, I started to do a little investigating and I found that this is a common issue among subscribers. I checked their Facebook, and I found out the only way to ever get a response is through (wait for it…..) INSTAGRAM. I reached out to them via instagram on April 6th, and they responded to me to confirm my address via direct message. They said they would get back to me the following day after they tracked with Canada Post, and on the 7th I had to reach out to them to find out what the status was. They told me I would receive the package at the end of the week. Well…I didn’t. I received the special box on Monday, though…so they weren’t too far off on that one. But judging by what I’m seeing, they sent that box at the very end of March/beginning of April. I direct messaged them on the 12th, to let them know that the March box still hadn’t arrived and to see if they could track it for me. They looked at my message a couple of hours later, and wouldn’t respond to me. Finally, several days later, and after many angry posts from me on their Instagram, I received a response. They said they would refund my money. It took 2 more times of following up to finally receive my refund, but I was thankful when it happened. I dreaded the rest of the subscription and couldn’t wait til it ended. Everything that I ever received was of extremely low quality and nothing was authentic. The products reeked, and it was obvious that everything was a cheap knockoff from China. Avoid this subscription at all costs, it’s not worth the money. Go with Kawaii Box or Doki Doki crate instead, since they are both from reputable companies with customer service that actually responds, and they send quality products.