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Public Goods Reviews

Updated January 12, 2024

Public Goods

A Public Goods membership gives you access to healthy and sustainable home essentials. Their personal care, home goods, groceries, vitamins, supplements, and more are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and tree-free. With affordable prices and beautiful design, Public Goods members have access to the best one-stop shop for all your needs.

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Becoming a Public Goods Member

Do you love it when a package arrives on your doorstep? That means one fewer trip to the store–one time you don’t have to fight traffic, find a parking spot, jostle with other shoppers, and agonize over which of the fifty brands of butter to buy. 

That’s where Public Goods comes in. Think of it like Amazon Prime but more sustainable, healthier, and simpler. A Public Goods membership gives you access to an entire line of products–from deodorant to wine to ramen noodles to dog treats–that are made from wholesome ingredients and represent a sustainable model that limits waste. Plus, all their products come in beautiful, minimal packaging at affordable prices.

You may be wondering how Public Goods can sell healthy and green products at competitive prices. The answer is that Public Goods’ membership model allows them to pass savings on directly to members. Becoming a member is easy and means you get to take advantage of below retail prices on everything Public Goods has to offer. 

How a Public Goods Membership Works

A one-year membership for Public Goods provides access to an entire line of well-researched, high-quality products. If you’re not sure it’s for you, you can try out a membership free for 14 days. Your membership is automatically added to your cart the first time you check out. Just order whatever you like to try it out.

Once you’re a member, you’ll be granted access to all of Public Goods’ healthy, premium products. For example, their deodorant uses candelilla wax, a conditioning, plant-based alternative to beeswax, as well as shea butter and coconut oil. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and packaged in plastic-free compostable paper. This is one example of how Public Goods is better for you and better for the planet.  

The bottom line is that Public Goods offers well-designed, eco-friendly essentials directly to you. Public Goods believes that everyday products should be healthy, sustainable, and accessible.

How Much Does a Public Goods Membership Cost?

A one-year Public Goods membership is $79. Members receive free shipping on orders more than $45. You’re able to cancel your membership at any time.

Reviewers have noted that Public Goods is relatively inexpensive for the premium products they offer. Public Goods says that most brands go through four suppliers before a product is sold, adding cost at every step. 

By working through a membership model instead, Public Goods is able to deliver high-quality products at a minimal margin. The company ethically sources all its products and partners with the best vendors from around the world to give you eco-friendly essentials that are easy on your wallet.

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Benefits & Drawbacks of a Public Goods Membership


  • No more decision fatigue: Unlike shopping at a brick-and-mortar store or on Amazon, you won’t be overwhelmed with “choices” that–let’s face it–are at best minor variations on the same product. Instead, you can avoid the overload with Public Goods’ clean, easy-to-navigate interface. The old adage that more is better is no longer applicable, and Public Goods provides a refreshing consumer experience.
  • Competitive prices: If you want premium, eco-friendly products, you’re probably expecting to pay top dollar. But not at Public Goods. When you become a member, you get to take advantage of Public Goods’ affordable prices on everything from conditioner to silverware and much more. 
  • Better ingredients, less packaging: Compare Public Goods’ products to those on a grocery store shelf, and you’ll come away impressed. Fewer ingredients leads to fewer toxins, and Public Goods prides itself on keeping things natural. Whether it’s peanut butter or dish soap, you’ll understand exactly what’s inside. On top of that, Public Goods eliminates the wasteful packaging associated with nearly every retail product today. The shipping doesn’t use packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and the like, while the products themselves often contain biodegradable materials. 
  • Super convenient: The fact is that Public Goods offers an experience that’s as convenient as Amazon without sacrificing quality or the environment. You can put together an order in just a few minutes, then receive your package quickly. No need to run to the store when you’re out of paper towels.    
  • Environmentally friendly: Public Goods is an ethical company that takes its responsibility seriously. They carry reusable bottles for personal care products, beeswax wrap as an alternative to plastic wrap, and much more. Public Goods also offsets all its carbon emissions. These are just some of the ways the company acts on its focus on sustainability. 
  • Beautiful: The fact is that products you find in stores are made to look good on store shelves. Public Goods’ products, however, are made to look good in your home. Their elegant, minimalist design will complement any decor. And because every product embraces the same design philosophy, they won’t clash with each other. There’s a reason Public Goods is trending on Instagram!


  • While Public Goods has the most competitive prices possible, there are cheaper ways to purchase essential goods. Filling your shelves with conventional products from some discount big-box stores will be less expensive upfront. 
  • Many Public Goods members say that they appreciate the streamlined decision-making process. That said, some people prefer to have many different brands to choose from. If you’re someone who loves to see an aisle packed with fifty kinds of cereal, this membership probably isn’t for you.

Maximizing Your Public Goods Membership

One thing that several reviewers have commented on is the excellent price of Public Goods’ coffee–a 12-ounce bag goes for $7.95. This is on the low end of the scale for fair-trade, certified organic coffee. So if you’re a coffee drinker, this is a must-buy!

It’s best to try to do larger orders when possible. If your order is more than $45, then you’ll receive free shipping. Additionally, similar to Costco, you should shop regularly to make your Public Goods membership worthwhile.

What Product Lines Does Public Goods Offer?

Public Goods has everything you need to outfit your home. Here are some of their most popular product lines:

  • Personal care: Treat yourself with Public Goods’ luxurious personal care products like coffee body scrub and lavender bath salts. Every item contains only wholesome ingredients and never contains silicones, parabens, or animal products. 
  • Household: Keep your kitchen stocked with Public Goods items like peelers, wine openers, dishes, and can openers. Each product is well designed, beautiful, and manufactured sustainably.
  • Grocery: Leave behind runs to the grocery store with Public Goods’ wide range of high-quality groceries. From organic cane sugar to gluten-free steel cut oats, Public Goods has everything you need. And with their commitment to carrying healthy and eco-friendly products, you can rest assured that you’re offering your family nothing but the best.
  • Pets: From dog treats free of preservatives and antibiotics to catnip that contains no pesticides or additives, Public Good has everything you need for your pet–and nothing that you don’t. 
  • Vitamins and supplements: No matter what you need–from fish oil to magnesium to melatonin–Public Goods has it at a reasonable price. 
  • Bundles: Get a great deal on a bundle of themed products. For example, the Summer: Basics for Sun & Fun package includes strawberry acai lemonade mix, aloe vera gel, crystal deodorant spray, and more! 

With every product you buy, Public Goods shows its commitment to the environment with its packaging. All their boxes and packaging are derived from sustainable sources. And the products themselves come in refillable or recyclable containers. This is all in line with the company’s goal to reduce waste and carbon dioxide emissions.

Is Public Goods Worth It?

If you want to simplify your life (or at least your shopping!) and minimize your impact on the environment, Public Goods is an ideal choice. With fast shipping, all the essential products you need, and beautiful, eco-friendly packaging, you’ll enjoy having access to all their high-quality products. 

To get started with a Public Goods membership, visit their website and take advantage of a great deal! 


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Public Goods Compare with Brandless?

Brandless is an online marketplace that sells personal care, wellness, and beauty products. They focus on providing affordable, quality products while skipping branding. Their products are made from organically sourced ingredients and cruelty-free.

Brandless previously had other product lines but these were discontinued in a corporate shakeup. Reviewers like Brandless’s competitive prices. Public Goods has a wider range of product lines available and emphasizes its commitment to sustainable practices.  

How Does Public Goods Compare to Thrive Market?

Thrive Market is another membership model online retail operation that promises reasonable prices and high-quality ingredients. Thrive Market is for consumers who are attuned to the quality of their food and prefer organic options. 

Thrive Market doesn’t have the same range of home products that Public Goods offers as it’s more focused on groceries. Some reviewers noted that the delivery windows can also be unclear. That said, people do praise the quality of Thrive Market’s ingredients, and membership is a bit less at $60 annually.

How Much Does a Public Goods Membership Cost?

An annual membership is $79 per year. This gives you access to all Public Goods’ product lines. 

What Are Public Goods’ Shipping Policies?

Shipping in the contiguous US is FREE on all orders $45 or more. If your order doesn’t qualify for free shipping, the cost will be based on the order’s weight. 

Public Goods also offers shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, US territories, and Canada. 

You can track your shipment by signing into your account and going to your dashboard. You can view both your complete order history or a single order.

What Is Public Goods’ Return Policy?

Public Goods does not accept returns at this time. However, if you’re unsatisfied with a product, they want to hear from you and are always open to feedback.

If you receive an order that’s damaged or defective, Public Goods will refund the order if notified within 30 days of receipt.

How Is Public Goods Protecting the Environment?

Public Goods is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions. The company uses sugar cane bottles, toxic-free ingredients, biodegradable materials, and much more. They only work with ethical vendors and offer long-lasting products manufactured creating the least waste and pollution possible. 

How Is Public Goods Healthier than the Alternatives?

Every Public Goods item is made using the highest standards possible, with many of their products being certified organic. The company includes many vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and tree-free products as well. Every product includes a list of the certifications it meets. If you have specific dietary needs, then Public Goods makes it easy to shop. 

Can I Try Public Goods Without a Membership?

Yes. Public Goods offers a free 14-day trial. If you like it, great! You’ll be automatically signed up for a year’s membership. If not, you can cancel at any time. 

How Do I Cancel a Public Goods Membership?

You can cancel a free trial or membership by emailing customer service at [email protected]. For refunds on an annual membership, Public Goods offers a prorated reimbursement for every month the membership was active.

What Happens When My Public Goods Membership Ends?

Your membership will automatically renew, and you will be charged the annual membership fee. If you’d like to cancel, you can do so by emailing customer service at [email protected].

Should I Sign Up for a Public Goods Membership?

Public Goods makes going green and staying healthy convenient and enjoyable. With a wide range of essential products from groceries to personal care items, you can take advantage of all their well-designed, high-quality products while staying true to your ethical values. Public Goods believes that everyone should be able to access its sustainable products. 

Do you want to sign up for a risk-free membership to Public Good? Then use this link and get started!

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