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Poutbox is the premier lip beauty subscription delivering thoughtfully curated selections of lip products every month, from lipsticks, lip glosses and liners, to lip care products including lip balms, masks and oils. Poutbox is your first step to beautiful, plump, hydrated and healthy lips.

We partner with boutique and name beauty brands to bring you lip colors and formulas you know and love, as well as giving you the opportunity to discover lots of new favorites. We only ever include 100% cruelty-free products, so you can look and feel great when wearing them.

Guaranteed monthly box value of $100+ and free shipping on all orders.

99 per month

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  1. dkitten13

    This is the best box! I love lipsticks and glosses and anything lippy! Finding this was amazing! I highly recommend, products are quality and the variety is really good.

  2. Amanda Austin

    Poutbox is an amazing subscription box! I was so excited to receive my box. The packaging is so cute and I’m a sucker for cute packaging. Some brands I never heard of but others were brands everyone wanted to try! Poutbox gives you a variety of products to love. This is a box you need in your life.

  3. Jessica Boe

    I subscribe to several different boxes and this is hands-down the best new box I’ve had in over a year. I love that the box is generous and gives so many full-sized products, I feel like this box is actually “worth it”. As I’m getting older I’m realizing that everything we apply to our skin and especially on our lips, ends up in our bodies. I love knowing that this box scouts out cruelty-free ingredients you can feel good about using. It’s also really nice to have products on hand to easily throw in a gift bag with a candle and card for birthdays, holidays etc. Highly recommend giving it a try!

  4. Tammy Hiller

    I love so much about this subscription. From hearing about different brands, trying shades I’d typically never pick out for myself, to pampering my lips even more than before.

  5. Mariah Young

    This box is BEAUTIFUL!! I won one in a giveaway and I was so excited. It definitely did not disappoint! The packaging is amazing and all the products are 10/10! I 100% recommend this 🥰

  6. Kinsey Yoder

    I won a giveaway box on Instagram and I am SO impressed!! It’s definitely worth the money. I recommend poutbox to any makeup loving ladies!!!