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Picked by Wine.com Reviews

Updated October 27, 2023

Picked by Wine.com

Love wine, but have your own unique taste? Then how about a subscription box that is completely built around your own very unique tastes and what you enjoy? Picked by Wine.com are real humans picking out wines according to your preferences. You choose the price and how often you would like to receive your box of wine. You are in control, and get wines that you will enjoy. As you rate the wines that you have received, your own personal sommelier gets to know your taste and can personalize your box even more.

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Subscribing to Picked by Wine.com 

Everyone deserves to treat themselves every so often. Buying something that you enjoy, just because you can. But subscribing to any service can make you nervous. This directory will explain exactly what you can expect when you subscribe to Picked by Wine.com. How often will you get your wine, how easily these boxes are personalized and canceled and a much more.

How Picked by Wine.com works 

There are many different subscription services who provide wines from different regions. But many of them do not allow you to pick your own selection or change around the types of wine that you receive each time. With Picked by Wine.com that changes completely.

You are in complete control of the wine that you get and how often you will receive it. Wine.com is a website where you can buy wines from all over the world. Picked takes this selection to an entire new level by allowing you to subscribe to a service where you will get a selection of wines in certain intervals. Intervals that you get to choose.

First you fill in a wine quiz that will help the service understand exactly what your taste is in wine and your unique pallet. This will allow your sommelier to make selections that will be completely personalized to you. You will get to choose the price you would like to pay per bottle of wine. It starts from $15 and goes up from there. But that means that Picked can work for a bunch of different budgets.

The total cost of each shipment will vary, since each bottle of wine will have its own price. But Picked by Wine.com will search for the best value for your budget. You can change your budget in your account settings at any time.

They also give you free shipping and also free expert advice if you aren’t entirely sure what it is that you want. And if you really don’t like a bottle of wine then they also give you a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. If you really hate a bottle of wine, they will give you full credit that you can use on the next shipment to replace a new bottle.

You choose how often you want to receive wine. They offer deliveries every one, two or three months. But don’t worry about forgetting that your wine is due. Before they pick your next order, Picked will check in to make sure that you are ready to receive it. If your schedule has changed or you are just not ready to get even more wine, then you can just snooze the service for the time being.

You receive 6 bottles of wine with each shipment and can choose the number of reds or whites that you will receive with each box. Your personal sommelier will then choose what you will receive based on the preferences that you have set. These are real people who are assigned to your shipment who can take your taste into account. They also have 100 more wines available than the average subscription service. That will mean there is a lot for them to choose for you.

After getting your first shipment, you will be able to review each bottle of wine separately and that will give your personal sommelier even more information as they get to know your different tastes.

Then you start from the start with a whole new selection. You can modify and cancel your subscription service at any time that you want and Picked by Wine.com makes it easy for you to do so.

Picked by Wine.com prices and examples

The sky really is the limit when it comes to what you will get in your shipment. It all depends on you and what you enjoy. You will get 6 bottles of wine per shipment. But from then on, each and every shipment is completely unique.

You choose your budget per bottle. It starts from around $15 and goes up significantly. You choose how many reds and how many whites you want in the box.

They have many different types of wine, everything from White wines like Chardonnay or Riesling and a lot more. They also have multiple red wines, Champagne and Sparkling wine, Rosé, Dessert wine, Sherry and Port.  Each has a bunch of different options that come from all around the world and that cater to many different palates.

That is what makes this subscription box so unique. They really make a lot of effort to customize toward the unique needs of all of their subscribers.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Picked by Wine.com 

It doesn’t matter how great anything is, there are always some pros and cons to everything. Let’s see what the pros and cons of Picked by Wine.com are.

Drawbacks for Picked by Wine.com

This is a really great subscription service and there aren’t many faults to find. If you do need to look for something, it could be that there are so many wines on offer. If you aren’t sure of the type of wine that you enjoy, and you want to broaden your horizons, then it can be overwhelming.

The fact that they personalize the subscription box for your own tastes can be great, but it could mean that you never get to taste anything that is a little bit out of the box for you. It will be all created on things you already enjoy.

Benefits for Picked by Wine.com 

There are many, many pros for this subscription. The first is that they supply wines from all over the world. The sky’s the limit on what they have on offer.

You get to decide how often you get a shipment and the budget that you have for each shipment. They use real people who will create your subscription box around your own needs.

Picked offers free shipping on all shipments and they will give you complete control of the subscription. You can cancel it at any time. They also check in with you before they send any new shipments and at that stage you can decide if you want to ship your next box. Or if you still have enough wine, then you have the option of postponing your shipment for a later date.

It is all completely unique and they make sure that it is everything that you would like from it.

Is Picked by Wine.com worth it? 

Yes, Picked by Wine.com is worth subscribing to. You can choose the budget you want to use for the wine you receive. Meaning that you don’t have to go over budget. They also give you free shipping, so in the end you only pay for the wine that you receive. And you can pick the schedule when you want to receive shipments. You aren’t forced to receive a box every month.

If you consider that, then it is definitely worth it to subscribe to this service. They have so many options to choose from and some of the wines they have on offer might not be available to purchase from stores in your area.

They also give you a personal sommelier that will pick out wines that they believe you will enjoy. And if you really don’t like it, then they have a guarantee that will give you a coupon for another bottle of the same value. It has a lot more options and safety than if you would just go to the store and try something new.

It also compares really well with other wine subscription services. They have a lot more wine on offer than many other wine subscription services. They also offer a lot more personalization than many others would. Generally, you get the wine of the month, and they don’t allow you to change anything according to taste. And normally you would also have to subscribe and receive all of the wine each month.

Another big difference between Picked by Wine.com and other wine subscription services is that you can decide on the budget and the amount you want to spend per bottle of wine. There is no one size fits all when it comes to Picked by Wine.com.

Tips to maximize your subscription of Picked by Wine.com 

You already receive free shipping on every offer and also free expert advice. So Picked by Wine.com is starting out with free stuff already. And who doesn’t like that? But there are a few ways that you can also maximize your subscription.

One way would be to buy all of your wines from them and not from another shop. They give you free shipping and a wide range of wines. You don’t need to go anywhere to find more wine. Transportation is expensive. Waiting for your wine to come to you is cheaper.

They offer discounts on your first order and those are always great to use. But going on a website like Hello Subscription is important. You might be able to find coupons on the site that will save you a lot of money. Check it out before you make your first purchase.


How much does Picked by Wine.com cost?

It all depends on your budget. You choose the price range that you are willing to pay for each bottle of wine and they will pick out bottles according to your requirements. Bottles of wine start out at around $15 and go up to much more expensive bottles.

What comes inside the shipment?

6 Bottles of wine that have been handpicked to suit your tastes and have been picked by a personal sommelier for you. You decide about the ratio of white and red wine and as they get to know you it will be customized to suit your needs even more.

When does Picked by Wine.com ship?

That is in your hands. You choose how often you would like shipments. You can choose between every month, two months, or three. And even if your shipment is due, they will first contact you and make sure you are ready for the next box. If you aren’t you can pause your shipment until a later date.

Does Picked by Wine.com offer guarantees?

Yes, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that will allow you to receive credit if you ever feel that a wine completely missed the mark. That is how focused they are on creating client satisfaction. With this credit you can pay for a next bottle of wine on your next subscription.

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, all of the shipments that you receive through Picked by Wine.com offers free shipping. The only time you will pay is if you require expedited shipping. And then you will just pay the difference.

Can you give this as a gift?

It is possible, but it might be better to give them a Wine.com gift card that can be used towards a Picked subscription. The service of Picked by Wine.com is very personalized and it is difficult to sign up on someone else’s behalf.

Do they offer many options?

Picked offers about 100 more wine options than other wine subscription services. There is wine that will fit with any taste. They also have wine on offer that comes from the best wine creators from around the world.

How do they differ from other wine clubs?

It is a very personal experience. A wine expert is assigned to your subscription and they will be your guide in your wine journey. They will take your taste into account when choosing wine and personalize your shipments.

Can you cancel?

Yes, it is easy to pause or cancel your subscription on your account and this can be done at any time.

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