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PetPlate Reviews

Updated December 20, 2022


PetPlate is the subscription box for pet parents who want to give their dog the best possible food available. It is dog food that is created for our best friend to help them live longer and healthier lives. Nutritionists help to create every meal with your pet in mind, and then each box is customized with meal plans and portions that are perfect for the size and age of your pup. It takes out all the effort in feeding your pet, wonderfully healthy food.

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Subscribing to PetPlate 

For many, subscribing to a new service can be daunting. We aren’t always sure exactly how they work, are you going to like it, or even worse what you can do if you want to cancel. Getting all the information at your fingertips will help you make a better, more informed decision.

How PetPlate works 

First, they will let you fill out a questionnaire about your pup and their unique characteristics. It will allow them to know exactly what it is that your dog will need and how they can give it to them. They design a perfectly created for your dog based on his weight, breed, size and age.

This also means that even if you have two dogs, they will make sure that the portion sizes and the nutritional value for each dog works for them. After you have filled out the questions then you can order a full meal plan or a topper plan.

With a full meal plan they send you portions of food that meets all the dog’s requirements. There is no need to think about anything it is already portioned out for you. But if you aren’t sure if your dog will eat the new food then a topper plan could be a good option to start with. This just gives you a portion to add to your dog’s meal and it gives them the taste of the food before fully committing.

Even if you prefer just occasionally adding fresh food to your dog’s meal, this could be a good option. All variants of PetPlate dog food is made with human grade ingredients and is freshly made and then flash frozen to lock in the freshness.

You will get pre packed portions on a schedule that you decide on. You can get delivery for a few weeks at a time since the food can be frozen. This allows you to stock up. But since they do offer free delivery, it won’t really be a problem to just get more food when you need it.

The subscription service is easy to cancel too, and they offer pause service or easy change of address. You can even go on holiday and get your pup’s food delivered to wherever you are.

After filling out the details they will let you know exactly how much a full meal plan will cost you. They start out at around $2.85 a day for smaller dogs and then go up as your dog gets bigger.

They ship orders on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday and offer 1 day shipping in most areas of the United States. Making it convenient, your dog’s food comes to you, and you just feed him the portion that they have already laid out.

Examples of products that comes from PetPlate

If your dog will not eat the same meal twice in a row then have no fear, PetPlate also offers a wide variety of fresh food for even the pickiest eaters.

They have Chompin’ Chicken, which is a chicken dish that is high in protein, but still low in fat and grain free. It is a great option for weight management. The Barking Beef is a great option for active pups that are very picky eaters. The Tail Wagging Turkey is the one that is recommended for sensitive stomachs and is made from lean protein and healthy grains.

They also have the Lip Lickin’ Lamb that is made with novel protein and ancient grains. This is the one to get if you have a dog that is struggling with allergies. The Power Packed Pork is high in protein and fiber, and it is a great source of fatty acids and antioxidants. And then finally there is the Lean and Mean Venison that is a novel protein and very easy to digest. It is low in fat and great for heart health.

They also have snacks and supplements available to assist in all your doggy digestive needs. Each subscription box is completely unique and based on their expert advice on what will work well for your pet.

Based on his activity level, weight and size and many other factors they work out exactly how much your dog needs to eat with every meal, and they prepare your box with pre packed meals the perfect size for your pup.

To determine exactly what it is that you will be paying per meal, you need to fill out the pup profile and they can give you a quote before you commit to anything. It starts at $2.85 per day for the smallest dogs. As the dog’s size increases so does the portion size and the price.

But they do deliver straight to your door and without extra delivery costs. And since they aren’t available from large retail stores, it costs you none of the mark-up that traditional dog food costs you. If you want to start with a smaller cost, then you can try the topper plan that will cost less and that will allow you to add this fresh food to your dog food.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a PetPlate Box

There are always certain benefits and negatives to using a certain product. Knowing what they are and if they are things that you can live with will help to curb buyers’ remorse.


Currently they aren’t offering their PetPlate full meal as one-time purchases. It is only available as a subscription service. But they do offer a lot of support to cancel your subscription and to pause it when you are away on holiday.

This is also fresh food so it can not be left out or stored in the cupboard. You need to have space in your fridge freezer to keep the extras frozen since you can only store 5 days of food in the refrigerator. And if your dog does not eat the food straight away you need to put it back into the fridge because as fresh food it can only be left out for a maximum of 2 hours.

This makes storing the fresh food a bit more difficult then with traditional wet food that comes in tins or with pellets of food. But at the same time, it is just as difficult as storing your own personal fresh foods. If you can do that then you can look after this food too.


It is designed by vets and pet nutritionists. And it is made from high quality products. You know exactly what it is that you are giving your pet. They even give you a full list of ingredients on the website, so there is no wondering what you are feeding your pet. It is also made in a human grade kitchen and the quality is wonderful. They deliver the food to your door and there is no wondering just how much you need to feed them since it is all measured out for your own dog before it gets to you.

It promises to help your dog with digestive issues, health issues, to give him a shinier coat and to make his condition better overall. The food is healthy and is tasty since it is like giving your dog a perfectly balanced meal that you cooked with the best ingredients. With regular delivery you won’t need to worry about running out of food or going to look for the best product for your pet. It will already be on its way to you. And they do offer a 100% money back guarantee. So, it gives you some peace of mind. And you have the option of starting with the Topper Plan to ensure that your dog enjoys the food.

Is PetPlate worth it? 

Yes, in my opinion it is worth it. This food is much healthier than the traditional options that you can find. Even the vet endorsed pet foods.

It comes to you, and you completely take out the guesswork from portion sizes. It is convenient and you know that you are giving your dog the best that you possibly can. It can cut down on vet bills and help to ensure that your dog lives longer.

Maximizing your subscription

The fact that you get free delivery is already a great bonus. They do offer specials on your first delivery and from time to time you can find coupons on subscription websites. Buying snacks and supplements from them will also be an added extra to ensure that you never need to go in search of pet products.

How PetPlate compares to other dog food

Traditional dog food is easier to store and will be a bit cheaper in the long run. But you never completely know what is in it. With PetPlate you always know what you are feeding your dog and you can make sure that you are giving them the best possible food available.


How much does PetPlate cost?

It all depends on the size of your dog and what their nutritional needs are. To get a clear picture of just how much you will pay you will need to fill out the pup profile. They start with $2.85 per day for smaller dogs.

What comes in the box?

Several meals for your dog that can be kept frozen.

When does PetPlate ship?

They ship orders on Monday’s, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And they offer 1 day shipping in most areas of the United States.

How do I cancel my PetPlate subscription?

They are always willing to specially customize your dog’s meals. But if you want to cancel then that is easy too. You need to log into your PetPlate. Then go to “Pets and subscriptions” and under your dog’s name press manage. And there you will find the option of canceling your subscription. If your next order is already in processing, then that will be the final one that will be sent. To ensure that your next shipment is canceled you need to make the necessary changes on your account by Thursday before your next shipment is scheduled.

Can you pause your shipment or change addresses?

Yes, on the same profile where you cancel your subscription you can simply pause it. It is a great tool for when you are going away. You can also very easily change the shipping address where your PetPlate box will be delivered to.

What is the difference between full meal plans and topper meals?

For both options you will need to fill in the pup’s profile and get the meal plan that has been specifically designed for your dog. Then you can decide between subscribing to a full meal plan and a topper meal plan. The full meal plan offers everything that your dog needs to eat in a day. They give the full portion that they need for their daily nutrition, and you don’t have to buy any other food for your dog.
The topper meal however will only be a fraction of the meal that your dog needs. This is for pet parents that want to add fresh food to the food that their dog is already eating and not change their diet completely. It works well to make sure that your dog likes the food before you commit to a full meal plan or to get your dog used to the new food that you want to give them. The topper meal will also be cheaper but of course you still need to add extra food on top of the PetPlate that you are receiving.

How do I make my choice?

After filling out the pet profile you will be given the option to choose between a full meal plan and the topper meal and the price for each.

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