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Our pre & postnatal vitamins provide optimal nutrients for exactly where you are in your motherhood journey.

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  1. Gigi

    I love this. Love, love. Was cobbling together a solution before and always felt like it was too much of this or too little of that. My OB recommended this, and it’s been perfect.

  2. Alexa

    So happy I discovered this brand. I had been buying all of these vitamins individually and the bundle is such a good value and so convenient. I’m taking the Mom Multi Support Pack and the best part is the Beauty Blend with collagen & biotin. I’ve noticed the difference in my hair and skin—will be taking Perelel for years to come.

  3. Ali

    Big fan! I love how they made convenient daily packets for each trimester. I hadn’t seen that before and my OBGYN was a fan when I took my box to my 20 week visit. Before Perelel, I was taking my prenatal and then buying my omegas and such separately, so I love how they bundled it all together. The pills definitely have a slightly earthy smell, but I guess all vitamins do and that’s probably what you get since they’re “clean.”