Park Sack

Each month receive a magical surprise package from your favorite Orlando theme park (Disney or Universal) filled with merchandise & snacks. The Ultimate Cure For Disney Withdrawal!

98 per month

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  1. Bobbi Pauley

    I had never thought that I would be posting this. I received my first boxes without problems including the Halloween box. My November box came in December after emails. I paid $118 including shipping for the Christmas box I have yet to receive. I have been blocked from their messages and their Facebook page. They have yet to respond to any emails. Horrible behavior and it looks like they are still taking new subscriptions.

  2. Janine

    I wish I would have read reviews before subscribing to this service. I signed up for the royal pack and was charged for the first month. I have yet to receive a box and its now 2 months later. Once I realized I may not receive I cancelled subscription and luckily have not been charged again. But still have not received the first box I paid for. I have received no response to several emails I have sent and can not find a phone number anywhere to contact! I was very excited for this subscription and super disappointed that it didn’t work out and it looks like I am out the first months fee.

  3. Kristi

    I was charged international transaction fees, overcharged 19.99 for shipping, and have paid for two sacks I haven’t received. They are no longer listed on crate joy to review, but they were previously, and I’m not the only one who has paid for boxes they haven’t received. In the beginning when I first had problems, they said they would mail me a bonus additional box to make up for the problems with my first one and renewal of my second – and that was the only one I ever received. After I inquired about where my first snack sack was, they said it got lost in the mail and the “bonus” was a replacement. Their story changed. And then I never received the second pack for October. I’ve since canceled and they haven’t responded about my October sack. On Nov. 10 I received a notification that something shipped, followed by a cancellation of the notice.. So that makes sense.

    • Martha

      I received the October box, and it was great. But I have yet to receive the November box that I was billed for. I have contacted them multiple times and have yet to receive any sort of response. Praying I don’t get charged for a December box! Such a disappointment as the one I did get was really good!