The Nocturnal Reader’s Box

We are a monthly subscription service that specializes in bringing our customers new and exciting books from well established authors, to lesser known ones. We curate our merchandise to keep with the theme of the books for a given month. We are currently working on becoming the only box to provide signed books to subscribers!

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  1. Sydney

    I had been a loyal customer for over a year until the boxes started coming late, like months late. The communication was very upfront at first and I wasn’t concerned. The last box I received was the June 2018 box (in September). Money has been charged to my credit card for July, August, September, and October to the tune of $182.23, despite never receiving these boxes (It is December 17th, 2018 at the time of typing). Attempts to get my money back have been completely ignored and they have shut down every site they have used. The subscription started out as something that I looked forward to every month and they did an incredible job with it. Now, though, I just want my money back since it’s clear the boxes are never coming.

  2. Tom

    As a disabled veteran, I support veteran owned business. But after October arrived and we still hadn’t received our boxes from the previous four months, even though our money was certainly taken, we decided it was time to end it and we are still trying to get our money back. This is nothing but a money scam.

  3. CL

    This started out as a GREAT box. I was a subscriber for about a year and a half, and until May 2018, everything was great.

    Then boxes started going out late. Then they were going out incredibly late – TWO MONTHS late. There was a myriad of excuses from the company – the flu, mental health issues, issues with the shipping company, etc. A lot of subscribers, including myself, were very sympathetic at first. But questions from the subscribers about the whereabouts of the boxes were eventually met with hostility from The Nocturnal Readers Box. This was a huge turn-off.

    Now it is September and some people haven’t even gotten their boxes for June. NRB says the fulfillment company they use is holding their items hostages – which is really strange being that NRB said THEY were the ones who packed and shipped everything.

    This subscription box is a hot mess. Even if they finally get their ducks in a row, the attitude and prior actions of the company makes it totally not worth the time or money.

  4. sutty76

    I always get excited by this box.
    A wonderful collection for any horror fan full of handpicked items that never fails to please me