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No. 2 is made from 100% bamboo, but unlike other recycled paper TP’s, it is 3-ply strong, silky and chic. Also, there are no added chemicals or toxins and the silky strong texture leaves you dust, lint and “butt-crumble” free, so no annoying residue is left behind.
No.2 comes wrapped in a stylishly designed recycled paper that you won’t want to hide under the sink! No more ugly plastic. With custom patterns including florals, animal prints and geometric shapes, the on-trend TP is sure to add a stylish twist on any bathroom. No.2 is filling a void in the marketplace – it is a perfect marriage of luxury, convenience, and sustainability (made from 100% bamboo, the TP offers an alternative to global toilet paper production, which consumes 27,000 trees daily). Talk about an easy switch that makes a huge impact!

30 per month

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