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Enjoy a monthly beauty box containing 8-9 items of Korean and Japanese cosmetics + skincare. Japanese and Korean beauty items of the highest quality to incorporate into your make-up and skin-care routine!

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  1. michele

    teerrible experience with this brand. I only received 1 of 6 boxes I paid for! the brand say they can’t’ help and I just lost my money . I’ve been finding many people with the same problem and no solution for all of us! dont promote this ! dont subscribe !

  2. Justine

    NMNL beauty box is something I look forward to for the quality beauty products from Japan, been subscribing for 3 months and their line up of products and facial masks never disappoints!

  3. Jaylene Ross

    This box is a scam. They promise top tier brands like Shiseido and have NEVER included anything from them

    • Valerie

      As the reviewer for nmnl and a Jbeauty enthusiast for the last decade, I have been brutally honest in my nmnl reviews when it comes to value and their previous bait and switching by promising products like Shiseido, Hado Labo, Kiku, and so on and so forth. They reached out to us regarding my reviews and I was able to provide them with lengthy feedback about why I find this practice so upsetting. I even said in my first review that with how expensive Japanese cosmetics and skincare can be, I don’t expect boxes to have a $300 value, but I do expect them to at least be somewhat appealing with recognizable brands. They were really receptive to my suggestions and I’ve noticed an improvement in recent boxes in terms of including more well known lines like Canmake, Dolly Wink, and licensed Sanrio goods that may be lesser value but are still quintessentially Japanese. Ideally I’d like them to focus on including a “hero item” every month, which is the higher value item that people get excited about similar to other boxes. While I don’t think we are ever going to get a full-size Shiseido item (or at least not the department store Shiseido – they have multiple lines including drugstore spinoffs like Majolica Majorca) I would really like to see them find their identity this year, as they tend to be all over the place. Japan has a unique advantage in that they really embrace the small size products like travel sets and deluxe sized minis, and we’ve been sent a couple haircare sets like that, so I’d love to have like one hero item (fullsize) and then have that supplemented with smaller sizes of popular products, or something similar. Again, Japanese products are expensive af, even if you live over there. I have had to lower my expectations with this box (and Kira Kira Crate) and just try and determine the retail value of the items, and the quality of the items even if I don’t recognise the brand.

  4. Valerie

    nmnl is plagued with one big problem – their blatant baiting and switching. Their marketing features popular Japanese brands such as Shiseido, Hada Labo, licensed merchandise, and so on and so forth. What we are sent are filler items that my Japanese friends actually cringe at as it’s items they can find in the drugstore or dollar shop. They have had a FEW good items included from reputable brands but honestly I would not recommend this box.