Ninja Book Box

Ninja Book Box is a quarterly box focusing on books from all genres published by independent publishers and containing a minimum of two (usually more) gift items to complement the book, all of which are produced by small businesses. We are committed to helping you to discover amazing new to you publishers and genres as well as bringing you useful, beautiful and quirky gift items. Our focus is on discovery, learning fun new stuff, talking books and being part of an excellent community.

70 per quarter

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Ninja Book Box Reviews + Ratings

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  1. Janel

    I purchased the Shakespearean Mystery box and I was so happy with it. The items were well-thought out and the book looks really interesting. I love that the books chosen are from independent publishers and the items sources from small businesses. Would definitely buy again, this book box has my seal of approval!

  2. Sarah Smalley

    I’ve had both of the Ninja Book Boxes: Slightly Surreal and Shakespearean Mystery. I subscribed the day I received the first box, l liked it so much. Each box comes with a book that you’re almost guaranteed not to have read, plus a ninja recipe, a charm and various other items that tie in nicely with the theme of the box. Recommended.