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Nerd Block

A monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectibles! Every Nerd Block comes with a custom t-shirt (Has men’s regular, fitted, and women’s fitted tees – and now youth sizes!) and 5-6 epic items for you to tear into! Also available – Nerd Block Jr (Girl & Boy), Horror Block, Comic Block, and Arcade Block!

99 per month

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  1. ddwhitfield1

    can you place an order for bimonthly instead of 12/year only get 6?

    • Brandy

      no. you CAN cancel online and resubscribe though. a few subscriptions do have this option, but they are mostly bar soap subscription boxes.

  2. blindmelon32

    I did not receive the welcome block because of the promo code. I think its funny that they offer a promo code but you are penalized for using it. Buyer beware

    • Kristina

      I am very upset with how they have done their stuff this past year! I have been a member for the last 2 years and this year it’s gone way down hill! I have still yet to receive our Jr block from July and the June one I received was all repeat of what his dad got in his nerd block! I got this block for my son because it was a great way to bring mail to the house just for him! We have emailed and tried to call and both phones are down and your page as well! I’m not sure what is going on but an email or something should be sent out to all subscribers I have subscribed for an entire year and got only 3 blocks I bought our first one for the year in March and we have only got 3 this is uncalled for especially since I have paid you all in full 292.64 I have called my bank to have them handle it as well! Very disappointed with the way you have handled this

      • Brandy

        Hi – Nerd Block filed for bankruptcy. Please be sure to dispute charges with your CC company straight away. And please do note that Hello Subscription is a blog about subscription boxes – and we don’t operate Nerd Block.