Needle Sharp Heavyweight Box

The Heavyweight Box contains everything you need to make a piece of clothing: pattern, fabric, notions, needle and thread. All you do is provide the sewing machine and the actual sewing.

Each month has a theme for the clothing, i.e. pencil skirts, button-downs, pajamas – you get the idea. We carefully pick the pattern from independent pattern companies (because we love small businesses); then you get a choice of three fabrics to make that pattern. After that, we do all the hard work and find matching thread, zippers, buttons, all the notions the pattern requires.

No finding a pattern, searching for the right fabric, running to the store to buy matching thread, cursing because they don’t have the matching thread, running back to the store because you forgot interfacing. It’s all done for you so you can get down to the fun stuff of crafting your very own handmade wardrobe.

99 per month


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