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NAA partners with small businesses across the United States to provide quality lures and baits to our subscribers. Beyond supporting American small businesses, a portion of each subscription goes to support a charitable organization as designated by our subscribers! NAA subscriptions are More Than Just a Box!

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  1. Michael Lee

    I ordered some lures from ya’ll at a discount price the next thing I know you’re charging me 37 dollars for something I did not ask for

  2. Patsi A Moffatt

    SCAM Ordered a lure and next thing I find is they charged me a recurring charge of $37. for a subscription that I never agreed to.

  3. Norm Pearson

    ordered a knot tying tool on facebook and getting charged $37 for a monthly membership. total scam

  4. Teresa Penaloza

    I ordered a lure for my husband on line and never received it .Teresa Penaloza . It’s been 2 months did I get ripped off

  5. Teresa Penaloza

    I see am not the only one being jacked.. you need to be reported.

  6. Jesse R Day

    Same as every other review on here… Got ripped off. if you have a decent credit card company like capital one MasterCard you can file a dispute and get your money back. I’ve been waiting since June 14th and just remembered that I never got anything from the scumbags.

  7. kim

    I too ordered lures back in may , and this is almost mid august, still no lures, no phone number.

  8. James Couch

    you are a scam, I ordered a lure which I never received and you keep charging me $37.00 twice a month for the last two months. You need to stop and return my money, also the $23.00 for the lure I never received.

  9. Scott Elliott

    Same as the other 2 reviews. Bought a couple of fishing lures and somehow now on a subscription that I didn’t agree to. And have not received my initial order. SCAM!!!

  10. Carol Gleman

    Oder some lures over 9 weeks ago and got nothing you need to refund my money now. Thank you

  11. Michael Dean Critney

    I joined July 13 2020 what attracted me was the quality lures, I paid for them accepted the extra one also paid for the N.A.A. Tee Shirt size ( XL ) and was asked for the name i wanted on my certificate. Today 8/12/2020 is the 30th day still no lures, no tee shirt and no certificate. BUT THE MONEY WAS TAKEN FROM MY CHECKING ACCOUNT!!



  12. Ya I ordered the fishing lures to for$23.00 next thing I new was they charging me 27.00 twice

  13. Nicolle Konecsni

    I’ve accidentally subscribed and asked for a refund the same day. I’ve emailed back and forth with Natasha Walters but she can never give me an actual answer. Since then the 37$ monthly subscription has been withdrawn from my bank account twice. That is 74$ Of my money taken without permission. I’ve asked for a contact to someone else but she just ignores answering the question. I was very excited to start buying all my lures thru N.A.A but after my first purchase I have had the worst customer service of my life so unfortunately I will have to find another company.


    My issue is the same as everyone else below I did not agree to be charged 37.00 I purchased some lures and even sent an email asking to cancel the NAA so I want my 37.00 returned or I will file a fraudulent charge

  15. Jordynn Hahn


  16. Jordynn Hahn

    Has anyone been able to figure out how to get rhe subscription stopped and get our money refunded???!

  17. Dave Brown

    I also as taken by this scam. 2 months since my order and still no merchandise. I suggest that ALL that have been scammed to go to your Attorney General and file a complaint. That is what I will be doing tomorrow.

  18. Dale Catt

    Ordered three knot needle and clipper sets the 8th of June. Still have not received the order. Emailed the middle of July and the said they found my order and it would be delivered soon, but still haven’t seen anything.

  19. superpatsfan12

    I was charged 25.99 for a fishing lure that I never received and I’m going to get out of this before they try to charge me again this is a total SCAM!!!

  20. Dale Berrong

    l would just like to have the lures I bought but never received

  21. Kaley Ledwidge

    I ordered bait via Facebook from the NAA over 5 months ago and I’ve been emailing back and forth with Natasha Waters and she keeps giving me the excuse of shipping delays due to covid-19. I have been more than patient with her trying to get even an order number seeing as I never received one. All she said was that she found my order. Very unprofessional. I have over 53 emails with her trying to get any answers. I will be contacting my bank and possibly the better business bureau for this scam.

  22. Jack Heidemann

    Purchased lure on Facebook 7-20 $9.95 charged same day….As of today, I have NOT received merchandise…..

  23. Dale Best

    Ordered 3 lures 2Months ago have not received anything, nice scam you have going

  24. Ken

    I also ordered lures back in july they took my money but no lures u people are nothing but scammers and a poor excuse to all the anglers in the world. Carma will get u trust me.

  25. Kimberly Liufau

    If I could give them 0 stars I would. I order 2 of their swim bate lures that were free, just pay shipping…June 8th. Never got a “real” confirmation. I have save 20 back and forth email messages between a Natasha Waters, a Pat L., and myself…It is now Sept and still no lures. My cc company can’t do anything to help me either. SUCH A SCAM!

  26. Larry

    I’ve ordered 4 lures advertised on Facebook still have not received em.yet ..the money was withdrawn from my account over a month ago. Still nothing…I need a customer service number to call please. For a refund…

  27. Larry wiley

    WHERES MY LURES ?? Ordered over a month ago ..still nothing! . Customer service number pkease

  28. Larry wiley

    An order long overdue..about a month..since ordering but still nothing…customer service number please

  29. Misty chapman

    I have requested a refund since July on lures I bought for my husband. Haven’t received any lures or refund !!!!!!!! Reporting to better business buero

  30. Keith Reis

    Order a lure and never recieved, now getting charged $37 a month for a service I did not sign up for

  31. Daniel Hammond

    I ordered a lure online and all of a sudden ur charging me an extra $37!? 🤔 and for what exactly? I did not authorized this payment therefore u are stealing from me and charges are being pursued. Am also filing other reports against this fraudulent company as so many other people have!

  32. Troy Choina

    Took my money 5 months ago, so where’s my purchase. Gave me bullshit answer of behind because of covid-19. Okay so, i can see 2 months (8 WEEKS) but, 5 months but (20 WEEKS) .COMPLETE RIP OFF!! GUESS NEXT STEP IS “BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU”

  33. Brian Jackson

    I ordered ten lures and still waiting on them spent 50.00 for them .

  34. Terry Duncan

    NAA has charged me 37 twice for BS membership. I have not received lures I ordered over month ago and I told them to cancel membership and do not charge me again. They did it anyway so now its bank fraud. Filing with AG and looking to throw these louses behind bars or hunt them down

  35. Terry Duncan

    Fraud charges of $37 each month after they were told to cancel. Time to go hunting!

  36. pamela Middleton

    Wow! This really is a scam. I was also scammed. I paid 23.00, then I realized that 37.00 was taken 3days later for what? I dont know. So I decided to change my card. Guess what several attempts have been attempted for 37.00 Wow! This is crazy.

  37. cajuncobra1985

    I didn’t receive my order from last month y’all said it will take 4 to 6 weeks . I got charged $37 twice and didn’t get nothing my order or I would like a full refund for both times I was charged

  38. 73adam

    I ordered the fishing lures awhile back and still haven’t got them??? Why is that?

  39. Dick Mooney

    I ordered lures for 39.99 and a Stradic reel for $ 39.99 Lures on 6-22-2020 and the reel on 6-29-2020. Having e yet to receive either items Tried to call customer service and again no answer. Do I just need to write it off or continuing to wait .????

  40. Larry Vach

    I ordered the lures that you advertised in August, you have charged me twice so far for 37.00 each month and have received nothing…. give me my money back NOW or I will report this to the Federal Trade Commission

  41. Kent Vest

    No lure, $37 taken! Notified bank. What is an email address for NAA? Canceling so-called order. To NAA, DO NOT ATTEMPT additional charges. Following up with AG and FTC.

  42. Clarence Smith

    This is a scam return my money. Do not charge my credit card again. I will then claim fraud on my credit card because I asked you to stop charging my credit card.

  43. Rebecca Egger

    I ordered 2 of your lures and have never received them? This has been months you took my money fine why cant I get my order? Dint say it’s the mail Iv ordered other products from different company’s and recieved my products please send my order

  44. Tammy

    I ordered the lures adbertised on FB. Not only did I not get them, but you doubled the amount owed and took it from my account. It has been several weeks since I’ve ordered

  45. Thomas Spisak

    I ordered some lures from this company in July and have not heard heard a word from them. Have sent multiple emails which go unanswered. I will be contacting the AG’s office and the Better Business Bureau in order to try to get my money back. I will also be contacting my bank to refute the charge. Big rip-off after reading all the reviews. They need to go to jail for running a scam.

  46. Mary jo Johnson

    Order free lure. Never receive them.

  47. Bob


  48. Patrick Walker

    I ordered 2 lures and have not received them yet and also getting charged $37.00 for something that I didn’t want can someone please tell me what to do and if you have a phone number for them!!

    • Hello Subscription

      We don’t have a phone number for them. We strongly suggest that you contact your credit card company for non-receipt of goods.

  49. Larry McDaniel

    I ordered fishing lures special discount price and yall have been getting 37.00 a month for 3 months. I never agreed to anything and having trouble canceling

  50. Judith Sumpter

    Ordered lure , have yet to receive it in return. All I get is being charged $37 a month for something I have not authorized! Contacting card company and BBB. RIPOFF

  51. Judith Sumpter

    Have not received the lures.
    Take $37 every month, UNAUTHORIZED!
    I am contacting my card company, BBB, and authorities .

  52. Lorrie Hohertz

    I want this canceled. Stop pulling 37 dollars a month from my account. Plus I’ve never received my lures and it’s been since July.

  53. Daniel Lindstrom

    Never subscribed to this and they are taking 37 dollars out of my account every month since may. I want my money back.

  54. Joshua Garnett

    Got my icaru lures and tried them out yesterday. But the fish were not biting. But the lure itself looks amazing! I watched it in the water. It looked like a small fish just swimming around!

  55. Michael Slepko

    Same as all of the previous reviews. Ordered some lures months ago. No lures and now getting charged $37 a month for nothing I agreed to. I want my money back. Bunch of SCAMMERS !!!!!

  56. Gary Martin

    I ordered the Lures for $23 you got the money out of my account never received the lurch that was done on September 8 of 2020 I have not received no merchandise yet send merchandise or refund my money.

  57. Jeffrey G Papillon Sr.

    Never ever got 1 box. 50 email later they are still charging every month.

  58. Carol goodell

    Where is my lure still waiting 4 mnts now if it don’t arrive soon I’m calling the attorney general!!!!