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Munch Addict

Munch Addict is a snack subscription box that features snacks from all around the world. We curate and put new snacks in our snack crate every month. It’s a great way to try different snacks from different countries so your taste buds will never get bored. From candy, chips, chocolate, nuts, crackers and biscuits, there’s something for everyone in each box. Get out of your comfort zone of the same boring snacks and try something you’ve never tried before.

50 per month

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  1. Tali Galassi

    This is such a fun snack box. It’s got snacks from countries all over the world so it’s not boring and they are always interesting and tasty. Included is a description of each snack and the country it’s from to make it even more enjoyable. Each snack is something you’ve probably never had before, so it’s always a new taste sensation. We’re really glad we subscribed to this new and exciting treat.

  2. Brandi Lee milos

    I LLOOVVEEE my box! I’ve gotten a few and they ALL have been amazing! Can’t wait to get August

  3. Parker

    Munch addict is amazing. Highly recommend.
    I have a subscription with the added drink and absolutely love it. The product are always fresh, prompt delivery with tracking numbers, packaged nicely. they actually respond to you if you ever have problems and they take care of you.
    My kids find it amazing and love how they get to eat candy from all over the world.

  4. Cindy harker

    My grands look forward to this each month they are 8,6, and 3 they always try everything its so much fun

  5. Maria Fernandez

    We absolutely love Munch Addict!!! We receive different and unique snacks with every box. It’s the best box subscription!

  6. Michael Borek

    It ways brings a smile to my face when my Munch Addict box arrives each month. They always include a great selection of snacks from around the world and with my subscription I opted to add a beverage each month and was so happy to try the different drinks from different countries.

  7. Tom Leonardo

    My husband loves receiving this monthly. It’s awesome to see the variety of treats from different countries and they have all been delicious. Definitely going to get additional boxes.

  8. Brenda Sparks

    We got this box for our blog and I have to say it was pretty good! We loved all the treats that came from around the world. There was a good variety of snacks too, from sour candy, chocolate, cookies, chips and more. The pamphlet inside was cute and had everything listed so we knew which country it came from.