Mojo Mamas Grand Conjure Box

Our Grand Conjure box is the mother of all boxes. It will be packed to the brim with items for your spellwork including: hand made spiritual folk supplies, such as hoodoo sachet powders and oils, incense, spiritual baths, floor washes, poppets, gris gris (mojo) bags, and curios such as lodestones, graveyard dirt, spell candles, figure candles, 7-day candles, red brick dust, domination powder, goofer dust, spell inks, John the Conqueror root, alligator feet, chicken feet, hand made amulets and charms, ritual spell kits, religious statues, poppets and so much more. Our spiritual supplies are for love, money, luck, gambling, uncrossing, spiritual cleansing, reversing, protection, healing, revenge, hot footing or foot tracking, and more. All items are carefully hand selected for your magical uses..

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