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Miss To Mrs Box

Miss to Mrs Box is a wedding subscription service. Stunning bridal accessories, planning tools, apparel, decor ideas and wedding day essentials will help with planning the journey and pamper the bride-to-be! For example the “Let’s Plan This” themed box is all about full-size items to help at any stage of wedding planning (engagement ring wipes, a “Bride-To-Be” Tumbler, wedding planner and much more).

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  1. ruby.b

    Totally worth it! I advise all brides to feel the magical atmosphere of wedding preparations. The gits are special and necessary. I love my new cup! Every morning will start with coffee in it. I’m waiting for my new box.

  2. Jane Burns

    Awesome box! All items in my first Miss To Mrs box were pretty cool and useful!
    Such a cute subscription!

  3. Cynthia Monday

    Great!! Loved everything!
    It exceeded my expectations… so many things I didn’t even know I might need!
    The box is beautifully presented!

  4. Katherine Burrill

    My first Miss to Mrs box is fabulous!
    Shipped and arrived very quickly. Recommend it to everyone who is getting married!

  5. Patricia Sink

    I love my Miss to Mrs box! It makes the whole bridal experience more special!
    I feel myself very exciting before the wedding and can’t wait to use my new items!

  6. Charlotte Dover

    I was soooo much excited, while received my first MissToMrs Box! I love my wedding planner and countdown calendar!
    Can’t wait to see, what will come in my next boxes!

  7. Anna McFadden

    Amazing! Miss To Mrs Box has really adorable items inside! I like absolutely everything and each item I can wear, and definitely use in my wedding preparation!

  8. Fannie Hallam

    Received my first Miss To Mrs Box last week, and it’s an amazing start! For a nice price of $35 I received 6 super cute items, which absolutely suit my style! Look super impressive! Can’t wait to see my next boxes!

  9. Jean

    I absolutely adore my Miss to Mrs box! I especially liked the box with party items, it helped me to decorate my home, and it looked really awesome!

  10. Charlene Harper

    My box is fantastic! I’m looking forward to getting my next Miss to Mrs boxes!
    All the staff is really cute!
    It’s great that all items are beautifully decorated, and many can be used even after the wedding.
    Fun concept, which helps to enjoy before the wedding!

  11. Linda Russ

    I’m writing this review after receipt of all 9 boxes and enjoying my sweet honeymoon!
    I definitely recommend it to every bride, who wants to fully enjoy her engagement and not forget anything for wedding preparation.
    This bridal box is an ideal present for those, who are seeking for adventures even in their everyday lives! It’s about living life in the fullest measure and making every moment counted! Each month is beautiful with Miss To Mrs Box! Once a month you’ll feel like yourself on Christmas morning! If you’d like to show everyone your bridal status – you’ll be in love with Miss To Mrs Box!

  12. Leah Burton

    It’s a cool box, filled with useful tips that I will probably use even after the wedding! And it’s an amazing memory box, so I can show it to my kids in the future and share those beautiful moments with them together!

  13. Elizabeth

    The boxes are always great and I love the different themes each time. I most notably enjoy the information cards. I have found them to super helpful in planning without a wedding planner.

  14. Tia

    Awesome box. Miss to Mrs wedding box is perfect for brides who like cute and funny things.

  15. Monica Bianca

    I love the box “It’s party time” from Miss to Mrs. It is so fun and we got a lot of good emotions during the bachelorette party.

  16. irina11

    Cool! I received it as a gift from my bridesmaids. It was very fun.

  17. leta

    The second box is the best! I really like it! Recommend!

  18. Lolita

    It is an amazing box! I really like it!

  19. haley linse

    Wow, it is nice. A lot of items are very useful to me. The necklace is cute. Also, I like bright earrings. I am happy with this box.

  20. haley linse

    Every box that I received had 7-8 items. I like most of them. They are suitable for every girl. Recommend this box.

  21. kyra brickey

    I like it 100%. It is so nice and pretty. I like the third box it is really useful.

  22. samanta klint

    The box with make-up items is chic. I will use it even after my wedding. Everything is perfect and I am satisfied.

  23. tristan suriano

    I like these cute things. The balloons are perfect for wedding shooting with my friends. Waiting for the next box. Recommend it.

  24. jilljunna24

    It was an amazing experience to receive such a nice wedding box. I like this pink box! It’s cute and fun for brides.

  25. marie loo

    Love it! This pink box is wonderful. Miss to Mrs is the best box for brides.

  26. pollie

    It is pretty nice wedding box. I am waiting for the next box. I hope that all items will be useful and suitable for me.

  27. angie

    I was perfect decision to buy this box! I like it and recommend Miss to Mrs to every bride!

  28. Anna Danata

    Girls! This box is perfect for brides! I like a lot of cute items that I found out inside. I will use some things after my wedding day for sure. It is a box with fun and good mood. I have already received first box “Let’s plan this”. The notebook and pens with diamonds are the best! I can’t wait to receive the next Miss to Mrs box.

  29. Nancy Coully

    Each Box is different and my favorite Themes are “Keep Calm and Plan on” as it is the most useful and “Maximum Romance” as it has some stuff for both me and love 🙂 We are waiting for our final Box Honeymooners. Reccomend!

  30. Maya Valades

    Im absolutely thrilled with my first box from Miss to Mrs! The Ring Dish is my favorite item in this box but I like everything! Thank you for such an amazing gift to me and helping me celebrate my engagement to my best friend!!

  31. chloe stone

    I’ve rwally received my first box so far, but I’m so satisfied with it, I wanted to change my subscription so it came sooner. The support team promptly responded and changed everything for me! I can’t wait to receive all my other boxes!

  32. Meri

    I have had a wonderful experience all around. Great customer service, great products. Everything Great! Keep up the good work!

  33. Rowan H

    My daughter absolutely loved that each box she received had a theme. Miss to Mrs also had quality items in their boxes which made a great difference. Absolutely pleased and would subscribe again!