Mermaid Tears

Express your creativity, make something beautiful, & never stop learning. Experience a new sea-glass based craft (painting, string art, beading, mixed-media…) every month, with a private link to easy-to-follow instructions video. Mermaid Tears is perfect for crafters, mermaid enthusiasts & sea glass collectors.

69 per month

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  1. Brian

    I’ve never been so ripped off in my life. I was expecting a “crate” with fun stuff inside. I spend 60 dollars for 1 shipment (plus 25 dollars for the shipping). The craft supplies inside were a joke. We’re talking about 3 dollars worth of random “stuff” (a plastic glove, tweezers, a magnet). There were no instructions included that could describe what to do with this. My personalized message to my wife was not included either. If this wasn’t called “mermaid tears” you’d have no idea that this was supposed to be mermaid-themed either. The picture in the website showed a crate with coloring books, mermaid pens, etc. I got none of that. I emailed the seller requesting a refund and they refused. They know full well that they’re scamming people. I’d be laughing at how sad my shipment was if I hadn’t spend so much money on it. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Don’t get scammed like me.