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MEL Chemistry by MEL Science Reviews

Updated February 6, 2023

MEL Chemistry by MEL Science

A MEL Chemistry subscription delivers hands-on, interactive chemistry sets to your doorstep every month. These amazing experiments will captivate your child’s interest by illustrating the power and beauty of real science. The sets contain everything you need to complete safe, fun experiments including equipment, reagents, detailed instructions, and links to video tutorials. For children ages 10 to 16+.

90 per month

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Subscribing to MEL Chemistry

MEL Chemistry is from the people at MEL Science, who are dedicated to getting kids excited about science. Far from dull textbooks and sleepy PowerPoints, MEL Chemistry is all about getting kids involved with incredible experiments you can do at home.

From making magic liquids that change color to igniting iron to making a zinc pellet grow metallic quills, these projects will surprise and delight. Kids love things that glow, burn, change colors, and even become invisible–which is why MEL Chemistry sets have become such a hit! MEL Science has more than 3 million social media followers because their experiments have eye-popping results!

If your child has a budding interest in science and is seeking a challenge, then this subscription is the perfect fit. Completing the experiments is just the beginning–your child will learn about the scientific principles underpinning the phenomena they’ve created through interactive VR lessons. Many parents report that their kids then go on to investigate and research on their own. MEL Chemistry is all about igniting a passion for science education!

How a MEL Chemistry Subscription Works

First, you choose whether you want one, two, or three projects to complete each month. Then you choose whether you want to be billed monthly or prepay for a full year. This is an affordable subscription starting at $39.90 per month.

This includes lifetime access to MEL Science’s VR lessons covering more than 70 topics. Every month you’ll receive a new science kit with the number of experiments you’ve requested. These kits have been lovingly crafted by experts and are guaranteed to be safe.

How Much Does MEL Chemistry Cost?

If you choose one project per month, you can prepay for a full year at a cost of $29.90 per month. If you choose the monthly option, then it’s $39.90 per month. Shipping is $6 for each kit shipped. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

For two projects per month, it’s $49.90 monthly when you prepay for a full year or $64.90 per month. Note that with each subscription, you get savings for a greater commitment.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of MEL Chemistry


  • High-quality products: MEL Science is known for its high-quality components. After all, a chemistry experiment is a delicate thing–you need all the right equipment and materials for it to go right. Rest assured that everything you receive with MEL Chemistry meets a high standard. This goes for the excellent packaging materials as well.
  • Challenging yet approachable: These experiments are designed to provide that wow factor but still be accessible to a wide range of science learners. Detailed, step-by-step, kid-friendly instructions are included with every experiment.
  • Designed by experts, enjoyed by kids: Each experiment undergoes is designed by professional scientists and rigorously tested with the help of kids. The result is exciting, alluring science education bolstered by the magic of hands-on learning.
  • Safety first: Every MEL Chemistry kit is guaranteed to be safe. The company provides safety equipment like protective glasses and gloves. And all the substances included in their chemistry sets are allowed by The European Committee for Standardization.
  • Beyond DIY: While you might be able to go on YouTube and figure out how to do chemistry experiments on your own, how confident would you be that they won’t go haywire? The numerous PhDs MEL Science has on staff ensures that every project goes off without a hitch. And if you do prefer the DIY approach sometimes, MEL has plenty of DIY experiment descriptions you can check out.
  • Convenience: Even if you do feel secure enough in your scientific skills to pull off one of these experiments on your own, the work that goes into such a venture is significant. You have to buy the materials, set everything up, and explain to your child how it’s done. MEL takes care of all of that. You get everything you need in the box, conveniently shipped right to your doorstep.


  • While the intention is for your child to complete these kits mostly independently, parent supervision is necessary. These are real chemistry sets that may include dangerous substances that must be handled carefully. Make sure to have an opening in your schedule when the box arrives. Plus, you’ll get to watch your kid do really cool chemistry labs!
  • In some instances, customers have reported missing pieces of equipment or shipping issues. Fortunately, MEL Science has an excellent customer care team responsible for taking care of such issues. Contact them at [email protected].

Getting the Most out of Your MEL Chemistry Subscription

MEL Chemistry is a great addition for homeschoolers. These are the kinds of interactive, hands-on experiences that are difficult to create on your own. With this subscription, you receive the materials, instructions, and educational supplements needed to teach a wide range of relevant chemistry topics. It’s easy to incorporate MEL Chemistry into an existing curriculum, and you’ll be amazed at how much these experiences bolster your child’s understanding of abstract scientific concepts.

You should also make sure to take advantage of the VR set and accompanying videos. These take your child’s learning to a higher, more interactive level.

What’s In a MEL Chemistry Box?

Let’s start with the first box when you’ll receive the Starter Kit which has much of the equipment needed for these experiments:

  • Safety Glass and Tray
  • Funnels
  • Plastic Cups
  • Macro Lens that turns a smartphone or tablet into a microscope
  • Glass Beaker and Flask
  • Pouring Beaker
  • Rubber Stoppers
  • Fuel Stove/Burner
  • Smartphone/Tablet Stand

The equipment you receive is worth $50 and is included for free with your first kit!

Now let’s take a peek at some of the experiments your child will be doing:

  • Tin dendrite: This experiment is about creating a small electrical current as well as mixing chemicals. It includes supplies like Petri dishes, crocodile clips, dropper bottles with chemicals, and more. This kit shows how beautiful tin can be as your child will grow dendrite-like structures by using electricity. The lessons this experiment teaches are related to the reactivity of specific metals and how electrical currents can create a chemical reaction.
  • Fire foam: This one’s part of the But Will It Burn? kit. Using a magnesium strip, sodium carbonate, and sodium hydrogen sulfate, this experiment ignites soap bubbles using hydrogen. The result is a fascinating chemical reaction!
  • Invisible Copper: Part of the Chemistry of Spies kit, you’ll reveal a copper sulfate message by using ammonia. This box also comes with the magic paper and iron gall ink experiments. Like all of MEL Chemistry’s kits, detailed, illustrated instructions are included.
  • Magic Liquid: In the Colorful Chemistry kit, your child will learn how chemistry affects changes in color. This experiment involves changing pH levels in an experiment with milk, dyes, and liquid soap. Your child will concoct a magic liquid that changes color according to pH levels! This kit includes learning outcomes on surface tension, pH indicators, and acids and alkalis.

Is Mel Chemistry Worth It?

If your child already likes science and is eager to do their own experiments, it’s easy to recommend a MEL subscription. For kids who are just becoming interested in chemistry, MEL kits will definitely make them more excited about exploring the scientific world. These are reasonably priced, high-quality sets that provide real challenge and learning beyond the classroom.

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  • How Does MEL Chemistry Compare to KiwiCo?

KiwiCo is another educational, STEM-focused subscription for children. They have crates available for kids of all ages, all of which include hands-on projects. Their Science and Engineering kit, Tinker Crate, is made for those 9 to 14 years old.

The main difference between the two is that KiwiCo is aimed at a more general audience. MEL Chemistry is specifically for those interested in science and lab experiments. KiwiCo is somewhat more affordable but does not come with the VR lessons that accompany a MEL subscription.

  • How Does a MEL Chemistry Subscription Work?

First, hit the Subscribe button, then select your subscription and billing plan. You’ll be asked about some basic information to get started. Note that you can pause or cancel your subscription via the website at any time.

You’ll receive tracking information once your order is placed. Subscribers receive a new box every month and billing is completed prior to shipment.

  • What Else Does MEL Science Offer?

MEL Chemistry is only one of the company’s plans. For younger kids ages 4 to 7, MEL Coding teaches the basics of computer programming without the use of screens. MEL STEM is for those 5 to 10+; MEL Physics is for children ages 8 to 14+ and includes building models of everyday devices to better understand how they function. MEL Medicine is for those 14 and up and includes practicing medicine at home with real professional tools.

  • What Are the VR Learning Options?

With your MEL Chemistry subscription, you’ll receive a VR headset for free. You also get lifetime access to MEL Science’s VR lessons covering more than 70 topics. Download the MEL Science app to get started.

  • What Age Group Is MEL Chemistry For?

MEL Chemistry is designed for those ages 10 to 16+.

  • Are MEL Chemistry Sets Safe?

Yes. These kits have been developed by professionals and thoroughly tested in laboratories. MEL’s experiments all comply with US and EU safety regulations. Protective gloves and glasses are provided when needed, and none of the experiments involve explosives.

  • What Are MEL Chemistry’s Shipping Policies?

Kits ship from warehouses in the US, UK, and EU, depending on your location. Delivery time is estimated as 3 to 14 days after the order is placed in the US. Shipping in the US is $5 per kit.

Once you place your order, you will receive an email including tracking information. MEL always provides an estimated period of delivery for each package via email.

  • What Payment Options Are Available?

MEL accepts major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club in most countries. Google and Apple Pay from mobile devices is also available in some countries.

  • Can I Buy Individual Experiments?

Currently, this option isn’t offered. However, MEL says that this opportunity may become available in the near future.

That said, you can always choose the monthly option and try out the first kit. If it’s not for you, then you can simply cancel your subscription.

  • What Is MEL’s Return Policy?

Boxes that haven’t been dispatched are eligible for a refund. Once a box is dispatched, it’s no longer eligible for a refund.

If the package doesn’t arrive in your estimated delivery period, request a replacement or refund by contacting customer service. If your kit arrives damaged, then email a photo of the damaged package to [email protected]. A replacement or refund will be issued.

  • Is MEL Chemistry Right for My Child?

MEL Science is committed to sparking enthusiasm for science among today’s youth. That’s why they made MEL Chemistry–these thrilling experiments are certain to get your kid excited about learning. With outstanding instructions and VR support, MEL is making incredible chemistry experiments accessible to all.

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