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Maker Crate by KiwiCo Reviews

Updated March 27, 2024

Maker Crate by KiwiCo

Maker Crate is a monthly subscription for the budding artist in your life. Designed for children 14 and up, this is a great choice for both those new to crafting and experienced makers. Every crate introduces your child to new techniques and draws fresh inspiration from professional designers. Your child will take pride in the final product when they complete these fun, functional projects.

95 per month

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Subscribing to Maker Crate

Do you have a creative teen in your life? If you want to nurture their talent, then Maker Crate is the perfect way to do so. You’ll receive a unique art and design workshop delivered to your doorstep every month.

Maker Crate is one of the offerings from KiwiCo, a subscription service recognized for excellence in delivering engaging and educational activities for kids of all ages. Maker Crate provides the materials, design tools, guidance, and inspiration to support your child in making their design dreams a reality. Your teen will have the opportunity to complete challenging, hands-on projects every month while developing skills that will last them a lifetime. Each project will teach them about the history and real-world application of the artistic techniques they’re mastering. 

From macrame planters to a stenciled book holder to terrazzo clay organizers, completing each activity gives your child a beautiful, useful work of art. KiwiCo is known for its high-quality materials, detailed learning guides, and amazing designs. Maker Crate is a popular option for any artist or designer whether they’re 14 or 100. Adults often enjoy these projects just as much as their teenagers!

How Maker Crate Works

KiwiCo has delivered more than 30 million crates to customers around the globe. With their Maker Crate, your child will receive a box every month jam-packed with everything you need to complete inspiring projects and activities.

When you subscribe, you enter your child’s name, birthdate, and interests. Then the package is addressed to them. This encourages your teen to take ownership of the project. The goal is for them to learn independently with support from adults available if they need it. Plus, everyone is excited to receive a package with their name on it!

Price Options for Maker Crate

Check out Maker Crate now and you can get a discount on the first box in a subscription by using this link! Shipping varies in the U.S.  

Maker Crate is available as a subscription that automatically renews at set intervals. You get more savings by providing more commitment. For a one-month subscription, Maker Crate is $32.95. That price decreases to $30.95 each month for three months and $28.95 each month for six months. If you commit to a full year, you’ll get the lowest price of $26.95 monthly. Term subscriptions that do not renew each month are also available for higher prices.

Do you like Maker Crate but aren’t interested in another subscription? Then check out everything the KiwiCo Store has to offer. Here you can purchase individual crates and find more fun, educational toys, activities, and projects. 

Maker Crate Advantages and Disadvantages

KiwiCo’s subscription services receive high marks from parents and kids. That’s why it landed on our list of Best Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2022.

Here are the pros of a Maker Crate subscription:

  • Convenience and ease: Having a creative kid with an active mind is a joy. But getting all the materials and tools you need to help them get started on a project is time-consuming. Plus you need a certain level of skill if you want to teach them design techniques, which you may not be familiar with. Fortunately, Maker Crate takes care of all of that. Everything you need is in a tidy little box that shows up on your doorstep. No more trips to the store!
  • Functional: These aren’t arts and crafts that will sit around and collect dust. Maker Crate focuses on functional design pieces, meaning you’ll appreciate these projects every day. 
  • Designed by child development experts: Every project and activity from KiwiCo is tested for more than 1,000 hours by leading educators, engineers, and scientists. They want to make sure that what you’re getting is age-appropriate and engaging while honing discrete skills and focusing on STEAM learning. Each Maker Crate isn’t just a delightful art project; it’s an educational tool. 
  • Learning patience and perseverance: These projects are made to be more complex and require learning specific design skills from paper marbling to metal sculpture, loom knitting, hand lettering, and more. As they complete more Maker Crate activities, your child will grow into an independent learner who’s comfortable with encountering some obstacles along the way.  
  • Quality control: KiwiCo is known for offering durable, well-made materials along with detailed, step-by-step instructional guides. They truly care about providing an outstanding experience for children and their families, which is evident in every package they ship. If there’s ever a problem with your subscription, you can always call, message, or email customer service, and they’ll address your issue promptly.
  • Affordable: KiwiCo offers reasonable prices and varies shipping in the U.S. Plus, every Maker Crate activity you complete will have a functional, beautiful end product that you can keep for years to come.  
  • Flexible: Let’s say that your child doesn’t immediately connect with the Maker Crate offerings or that they develop other interests. You can always switch to another crate. KiwiCo offers plenty of options for teens such as the Eureka Crate, which is geared toward those interested in engineering and design.

It’s worthwhile to keep in mind that these projects are going to take time to complete. They’re the perfect fit for a rainy Sunday. But if your child is very busy at the moment, you might want to wait to subscribe. For example, if your teen plays a sport, then hold off on the subscription until the season has concluded.

Maker Crate Tips

This box is the best for kids who doodle in class and are always surprising you with their creativity. It’s designed to spark ingenuity and innovation. There are always plenty of options on each project for your teen to make it their own.

If your child isn’t interested in arts and crafts, then you may want to explore other options. The Tinker Crate, for example, is more focused on science and engineering for children ages 9 to 14. 

You also want to take advantage of all the discounts KiwiCo makes available. If you refer a friend to KiwiCo, you can get $10 off. You can also save money by joining the KiwiCo newsletter. Use our link now and save on your first box

Is Maker Crate Worth It?

Absolutely! KiwiCo was started by an engineer and mother of three who wanted to offer parents fun, inventive, expertly designed projects in a convenient way. It’s a cost-effective, easy method to help your child get in touch with their artistic side, create some truly memorable pieces, and sharpen their design techniques.

When that box hits your doorstep each month, your child will be excited to get immersed in completing an exciting project. Then they’ll have a functional piece of art that can be cherished for years to come. 

What Comes In a Maker Crate?

This box includes all the design tools, materials, instructions, and inspiration needed. Every crate goes through rigorous testing to ensure that it’s universally appealing and that the instructions are clear and easy to follow. There’s a booklet included that describes each step along with handy video tutorials to hone specific techniques. Plus you gain access to oodles of DIY ideas along with other fun extras. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples of what you’ll receive each month:

  • Hand-dipped planters: With this crate, your end product will be a beautiful decorative piece bound to brighten up any space. It involves using the hand-dipping method and adding faux plants to the pots. The kit comes with floral foam, pebbles, plant sheets, floral wire, and more to create these cheerful planters. Check out the entire hand-dipped planter process by clicking here.
  • Punch-needle pillow: Your child will learn how to create textured designs by using loops of yarn and textile methods to make a cozy, colorful pillow. This encourages exploration of visual concepts like negative space, dimension, and more. This is a perfect example of an activity that has both aesthetic and functional results. 
  • Terrazzo clay organizers: This crate is all about the traditional, mosaic-like art form known as terrazzo. Your teen will create a terrazzo tray and a set of handcrafted containers that will have a dappled appearance. These are neat little containers for storage and display.
  • Macrame planters: This one starts with creating a macrame keychain to learn knotting, then making two macrame hangers for the plants. Then your child will sculpt, decorate, and customize clay pots for the hangers. These are great to hang from your ceiling or balcony!

And that’s just the start. Other Maker Crates include gilded journals, Batik wrapping cloths, embroidered aprons, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Is Maker Crate For?

Maker Crate is for those 14 and up. KiwiCo has activities for every age group and interest, so if Maker Crate isn’t right, look at all their other options. 

How Do You Cancel a Maker Crate Subscription?

KiwiCo makes it easy to pause, switch, or cancel a subscription anytime. Simply log in to your account and follow the steps. 

You may find that Maker Crate’s more elaborate projects are too frustrating for your child. In that case, there are plenty of other options available for younger kids like the Yummy Crate which focuses on the science of cooking. 

How Does Maker Crate Compare to We Craft Box?

We Craft Box is focused on honing kids’ DIY skills. Every box includes supplies and materials for two or three crafts that fall under the same theme.

This subscription is aimed at a younger audience of kids ages 3 to 9. While both involve hands-on learning, Maker Crate is made for teens who are capable of completing more complex tasks and mastering advanced techniques. 

We Craft Box costs $29.99 to $34.99 each month, which is a bit more than Maker Crate’s $26.95 to $32.95 per month. 

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping varies in the U.S. Crates typically ship from the company’s California warehouses two days after ordering and arrive on your doorstep in three to ten business days.

Faster, premium shipping is available for a fee. KiwiCo Store shipping is free for orders more than $50. 

Is International Shipping Available?

Yes, Maker Crate and all KiwiCo products are eligible for shipping to select international destinations. International shipping usually costs about $5-6 per box.

How Do I Contact KiwiCo Customer Service?

KiwiCo offers prompt, attentive customer service via phone, online chat, and email. Customer Care representatives are available seven days a week from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. You can also check out the helpful FAQ section of their website. 

Does Make Crate Allow for Returns and Exchanges?

Any KiwiCo subscription box is not eligible for returns. KiwiCo accepts store order returns as long as they aren’t used or damaged. Returns must be processed within sixty days of placing the order. 

Does KiwiCo Have a Referral Program?

Yes, KiwiCo offers $10 for referring a friend. Your friend will also get $10 off too, so it’s a win-win! Check out their referral program

Is Maker Crate Right for My Teen?

Does your child love creation and self-expression? Then check out everything Maker Crate has to offer. Each box contains numerous hours of entertainment and education. Your teen will be truly proud of the unique, functional projects they make. Get inspired with these wonderful activities that explore art and design! 

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