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Luxury Purse is a monthly subscription service that sends high quality, classic purse monthly for you to keep and add to your collection. They partner directly with designers from New York, Los Angeles, Milan and Tokyo to bring you the hottest and trendiest styles every month. Expect to receive purses worth 5x the cost of your monthly membership fee!


95 per month

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  1. Cleo Robinson

    I’m giving this company 1 out of ten. Why? I have only received 1 decent purse out of TEN!! The purses aren’t worth $10.50 much less $150.00!!!!!!! They are no name brand peices of junk!!! Do not join this program. It’s a big scam and I had to really raise my voice to get my money and cancel. Buyer Beware!! Not what they promise!!!

  2. Amanda

    One star is generous. I would give zero stars if I could. This subscription is a total rip off. Similar to other reviewers, the purses are cheaply made. It is something that could be bought for $10 at rainbow. Canceling is near impossible. I am still waiting for my 80$ refund for about three months now. STAY FAR AWAY

  3. Miraenda

    I don’t hate Luxy as much as everyone else appears to hate them, but instead my concern is that appears to no longer work, and their emails are bouncing. I’m a bit concerned that I won’t be able to cancel with them and the business will keep charging me even though they may not even be in business any longer.

    Of the purses I received, I actually liked all of them, but I picked the lower priced plan ($39.95/month) and I’m not a purse aficionado. I wasn’t wanting high-end designer purses, but decent looking purses that were different styles to allow me a chance to try out different purse types. I typically buy the same type of purse over and over, so this was an attempt to see if I might like other styles. I am going to cancel them, though, if I can, because I went ahead and swiched to Ivory Clasp, since they at least have a working site.

  4. Brenda

    Very disappointed with the last two purses received. None had the name of the brand, one had the seams separating and the other had sticky residue where the name brand should be. Called already to cancel my subscription, for the platinum tier I expected better purses. I can get the same purses at Walmart.

  5. Kathleen Roush

    The handbags are not impressive. Most do not even have a name on them to tell what brand they are. Canceling is a nightmare! There is no online cancellation. If you call the customer service line, you will remain on hold for hours. No one ever answers. Facebook messages will be ignored if you have a problem. I seldom leave bad reviews but this company is absolutely horrendous!


    Do not subscribe! I bought their platinum option for my wife, a giant cardboard box arrived with 6 purses stuffed inside, just paper to protect them. They were cheap looking, very plastic, China town NYC. I paid nearly $500 for this! Took me over 3 months to get my money back after constantly calling and emailing them

  7. Sherri Space

    I just got my Luxy Purse and I noticed immediately that there isn’t a leather smell, and the bag is made in china. I thought these were supposed to be designer? I got a cheap fake leather knockoff.


    Luxy Purse is a flat out scam! I gave them ample opportunity to show me otherwise, but they failed miserably. I signed up for the $80/month platinum subscription; 1st purse was very poorly made and looked like something I might pay $20 for at Walmart. The second purse actually had a brand name on it, so I was able to Google it and see that the exact same purse sold in stores for $40! Their site boasts that the purses are worth 5 TIMES Athe subscription cost, so I should have received about a $400 purse. Instead, I paid $80 for a $40 purse! SCAM! Oh, and when I called to cancel, it was nearly impossible! I spent at least 10 minutes repeating the phrase, ‘no, just please cancel my subscription’, and was only able to do so after threatening to contact the BBB and attorney general!