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Lucky Dog Cuisine

Try out Lucky Dog Cuisine, the people friendly pet food that extends the same level of care and convenience you give to yourself to your pup.

Packed with wholesome ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, fresh yogurts and cheeses and non-GMO fruits and vegetables – and void of the additives like restaurant grease, expired meats and dairy and parts of diseased animals that are typically found in dog food – Lucky Dog Cuisine prioritizes health, quality and convenience, to ensure that your dog’s meal is just as satisfying and healthful as your own.

Created ten years ago by Dr. Janice Elenbaas, Lucky Dog Cuisine was one of the first delivery- and subscription-based, people friendly pet food services. The freshly cooked meals are delivered straight to your door and are a known-favorite of Meghan Trainor’s, who’s seen a marked increase in her dogs’ overall health since starting Lucky Dog Cuisine.

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