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L’Epicerie Box

The best gourmet trip to France in a box directly ships to your door. Every month or every time you want, receive high-quality and local French food selected by two French foodies, Camille and Petronille.

95 per month

Save 25% on your first box! Use coupon code LAUNCH.


Save 10% on your subscription as long as it lasts! Use coupon code LAUNCH10.



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  1. Anne-Claire Brun

    This is such a scam! They advertise that you can cancel anytime but by the time you receive your first $62 worth box, it’s already too late to cancel for the second one and honestly, it’s not worth it, especially since you can find most of the stuff in the box for sale at a lower cost!

  2. Anne-Claire Brun Cantrell

    I was very disappointed by this company, the products weren’t worth the money and I couldn’t “cancel anytime”. By the time I received the first box it was too late to cancel the second one. Don’t waste your time and money, you can find everything online now for way cheaper and you can pick exactly what you want 😉