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Choose a combo of 25 tampons, pads, and panty-liners and have them sent just in time. Le Parcel sends chocolate in your package plus a special gift.

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  1. ravenx668

    I switched from another Time of The Month subscription to Le Parcel because I was tired of getting a box full of junk I could buy at the store. The first month, I discovered that, unlike other subscriptions, they don’t send an email letting you know that your package has shipped. Instead, you must log on to their site and see for yourself via a link that they post when they have sent the shipping information to the post office. This link provided never works; instead, you have to copy the code, go to the USPS site, and check things out there.

    My first month, my box was 3 days late. However, it came with a sealed baggie of chocolates, a cute little mini notebook designed to look like a passport, a great sugar and sea salt scrub, and my items. A little pricey for what you get, but I was okay with this.

    My second month, however, will be my last. My package was supposed to ship on the 7th of the month and arrive by the 12th. Instead, the package was sent to the post office on the 19th, where it sat for several days before arriving at my home 12 days late. I received 3 chocolates (which were a brand I would have bought anywhere), a sad excuse for a “fabulous, hand-curated gift”, and feminine products which were not even what I had requested. It seemed as though they realized that they had overlooked my package and, rather than ensure that I got what I ordered, sent me whatever they had on hand. No emailed apology, nothing. I sent two separate emails to them regarding this issue, and they never responded.

    In addition, they have a facebook page which they haven’t updated in months. Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!