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Jot Reviews

Updated October 30, 2023


Jot Ultra Coffee  is an exclusive organic coffee monthly subscription membership only available on-line. Jot has perfected a proprietary extraction process and all you need is a tablespoon of Jot Ultra Coffee to start your day off right!  Jot’s flexible subscriptions allow you to choose the amount and delivery frequency of your bottles. Jot’s rotating limited edition small ultra coffee batches are available for Exclusive Members only.

50 per month

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Subscribing to Jot Ultra Coffee

Subscribing to Jot is easy. Simply hop on over to Jot and hit subscribe. From there you choose either a one time or monthly order of Original Jot or Dark Jot Ultra Coffee Bottles. If you choose the monthly subscription, you have access to the Member Exclusive Jot Ultra Coffee bottles. One time orders pay full price and monthly subscription orders get 25% off all 3 of Jot’s lines of Ultra Coffee. Next fill in your email, shipping and payment information! Your first order will be on its way soon!

How Jot Works

Jot is an innovative, affordable way to get delicious coffee delivered straight to your doorstep. Jot’s coffee beans are organic and come from sustainable growers in South America. Jot has developed an extraction process where they take the beans and make a liquid that is 20 times more concentrated than regular coffee you buy at the store. Each bottle of Jot Ultra Coffee makes 14 servings of 10 ounces of coffee. You mix one teaspoon of Jot Ultra Coffee with water or milk and you get a perfect cup of coffee that is convenient with no coffee ground clean up!

There are 2 blends of Jot Ultra Coffee that are available year round. Their Original Blend is smooth and balanced. Jot’s Dark Blend is darker and rich. You can buy either or both of these 2 blends as a one time purchase or join a monthly subscription and get 25% off.

When you join Jot’s monthly subscription plan you get access to their rotating Member Exclusive Ultra Coffee. These small batch blends are touted as some of the most remarkable coffees in the world and rotate every few months.

Jot Ultra Coffee Pricing and Options

Jot’s subscription plan is straightforward and easy to understand. With the monthly membership you get each bottle of Ultra Coffee extract for $19.50 a bottle, otherwise the one time purchase price is $26 a bottle. The Member Exclusive Ultra Coffee bottles are only available with the monthly plan and are $19.50 a bottle. Shipping is free on 2 or more bottles.

Jot Ultra Coffee Membership Benefits and Drawbacks

Jot Ultra Coffee Membership Benefits

  • A steady stream of organic coffee extract delivered straight to your door once a month
  • No more messy coffee ground clean up
  • 25% off retail prices with a membership
  • Exclusive access to small batch member only coffee blends
  • Less waste for the environment with bottle of coffee extract

Jot Ultra Coffee Membership Drawbacks

  • You have to order 2 bottles at a time for free shipping
  • Member Exclusive small batches are limited and can sell out quickly so be sure to add yours with your monthly membership order

Is Jot Ultra Coffee Membership Worth It?

If you love coffee then the answer is an astounding yes! Each bottle contains 14 servings of 10 ounce cups of coffee. A bottle of Jot Ultra Coffee with the monthly membership is $19.50 and when you do the math, that comes to $1.90 a cup. So for less than $2.00 a serving, you can have delicious, easy to make coffee without the mess of traditional drip coffees. Who loves cleaning up the filters and grounds from a coffee maker? No one! And those trendy pod coffees are bad for the environment. Jot Ultra Coffee is eco friendly, versatile, easy and yummy!

Jot Ultra Coffee Tips

When you join the monthly Jot membership you can add on the Exclusive Member coffee blends to your monthly order. The current Jot selection is called Orbit and the organic beans are harvested from the Cerrado Minerio growing area of Brazil. This dark blend has low acidity and is sweet and silky smooth with hints of milk chocolate. Yum! Quantities are limited and Jot’s last Exclusive Member Ultra Coffee batch sold out in 24 hours so be sure to snag yours ASAP.

Did you know that coffee extracts have so many more uses than beans or grounds? You can add a shot of Jot Ultra Coffee extract to your smoothies for a kick of energy. One tablespoon of Jot Ultra Coffee contains 140-150 mg of caffeine. Why not put a shot on your vanilla ice cream or use it to enrich the flavor in your baked items? Jot has a link to hundreds of recipes to try with your Jot Ultra Coffee extract. The possibilities are endless with Jot!

Once you join the Jot Ultra Coffee monthly membership plan, you can fine tune your settings to order extra bottles, update your personal info and pause or cancel at any time. Just head to their member friendly online subscriber portal to customize the amount of frequency of your order. Going on vacation? You can skip a shipment. Have friends or relatives visiting from out of town? Add an extra bottle or 2.

Jot has an online magazine called The Hopper. Here you can read inspirational blog posts, find Jot recipes and read about all things coffee related and more!

How Jot Ultra Coffee Compares to Other Specialty Coffee Subscription Memberships

Jot Ultra Coffee versus Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee is a coffee bean subscription membership. When you join, you get to choose the frequency of deliveries between 1 and 6 weeks depending on how fast you go through coffee beans. All of the coffee beans with Trade Coffee are from coffee roasters in the US. To start you take a 7 question quiz to help the experts at Trade Coffee hone in on your preferences.

The cost of Trade Coffee starts at $13 and goes up to $22 based on your subscription plan. Shipping is free and if you don’t like the selection, Trade Coffee will replace your coffee bag for free. The cost of Jot Ultra Coffee is $19.50 a bottle when you join their monthly subscription plan. The main difference is that Jot Ultra Coffee is a liquid concentrate extracted from organic beans in South America.

So which is the better coffee subscription membership? It depends on your preferences. Trade Coffee sources its beans from small business roasting companies whereas Jot Ultra Coffee has their own proprietary bean extraction process. If you are one who loves the coffee ritual of grinding beans and making your own drip coffee, then maybe Trade Coffee is for you. If you like the convenience of having a 20 times liquid concentrate where you can just add water or milk without the coffee ground mess, then Jot Ultra Coffee is your best bet!

Jot Ultra Coffee versus Super Coffee

Super Coffee is a monthly subscription bottle coffee membership delivered to your door every 4 weeks. Super Coffee stands apart from other coffee subscription memberships in that each cold brew bottle contains 10 grams of protein and less than one gram of sugar.

The cost of Super Coffee memberships range from $17 to $30 per month. It is similar to Jot Ultra Coffee in that when you sign up for the monthly subscription membership you get 15% off of your shipments, although with Jot Ultra Coffee you get 25% off retail prices. Both are liquid coffee alternatives yet Jot Ultra Coffee you get a concentrate that can be mixed with water or milk for a traditional style coffee or there are tons of different recipes you can create with the coffee concentrate.

Super Coffee offers a few more choices for your caffeine intake needs than Jot Ultra Coffee. In addition to the bottled coffee, Super Coffee offers creamers, bags of ground coffee and pods. Super Coffee is always adding seasonal new flavors to their popular year round selections like mocha, caramel and vanilla. Jot Ultra Coffee has 2 staple choices, original and dark, in addition to their rotating Exclusive Member only limited offerings. With so many choices, if you are a coffee lover, why not try both?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Jot Ultra Coffee Membership subscription cost?

Jot’s Ultra Coffee membership is free to join and gets you 25% off of their Original and Dark Jot Ultra Coffee bottles. With membership, you also get access to Jot’s small batch Member Exclusive Ultra Coffee bottles. Each bottle costs $19.50.

Do I have to be a Jot monthly member to order bottles of Jot Ultra Coffee?

No. You can order Original and Dark Ultra Coffee bottles at the retail price of $26 a bottle as a one time order. You do not have access to Member Exclusive Ultra Coffee bottles without a membership.

What is the sign up process for membership to Jot Ultra Coffee?

Head to Jot’s website and hit subscribe. From there you choose either a one time or monthly order of Original Jot or Dark Jot Ultra Coffee Bottles. You can add on Member Exclusive bottles with the monthly membership. Then fill in your email, shipping and payment information and you are all set for your first order.

Does Jot Ultra Coffee offer exchanges or returns on items?

Yes. Jot stands behind their brews and you get 20 days from the time of purchase to try Jot. If you aren’t satisfied with your order, Jot will issue you a full refund.

What types of payment does Jot accept?

Jot accepts credit/debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. PayPal, Shop Pay and Google Pay are also options for payment.

Where do the beans for Jot Ultra Coffee come from?

Jot Ultra Coffee beans are imported from sustainable organic coffee farms in South America.

What are the ingredients and nutritional content of Jot’s Ultra Coffee?

Jot’s Ultra Coffee contains filtered water and organic coffee. Each bottle contains 14 servings and there are 10 calories in each serving.

How much actual caffeine is in each serving of Jot’s Ultra Coffee?

Each serving contains between 140-150 mg of caffeine.

Where can I find recipes for my Jot Ultra Coffee?

Jot has an online magazine called The Hopper which includes recipes and blog posts to help you learn more about your coffee.

What is the Jot Ultra Coffee Member Exclusive Limited Series?

Jot’s Member Exclusive limited brews are unique extract blends not normally available to the everyday coffee drinker. These small batches place an emphasis on origin and usually sell out quickly.

How do I cancel my membership subscription to Jot Ultra Coffee?

Simply email Jot’s customer care at [email protected]

How long will it take for my first order of Jot Ultra Coffee to arrive?

Jot strives to fulfill orders within 1-2 days of confirmation. Once your order is fulfilled, you receive an email with tracking information. Most orders take 3-5 days to be delivered.

Can I pause a month on my Jot Ultra Coffee membership?

Yes. You can pause at any time by going to the member subscription portal.

Does Jot Ultra Coffee offer a referral program?

Yes. When you refer a friend simply enter your name and email and you get a free bottle and your friends get a free gift.

How much does Jot charge for shipping?

When you order 2 or more bottles, shipping is free in the contiguous US. The cost of a one bottle order is a flat fee of $7.95 shipping. Shipping to the non-contiguous US is free for 3 or more bottles. Otherwise, there is a $10 flat fee for shipping on 1-2 bottles.

What gift options does Jot offer?

You can order Jot Ultra Coffee as a gift at any time. Unfortunately Jot does not offer gift cards or personalized messages with gift orders.

What if I have a problem with my order?

You can email customer service at [email protected] with any issues. They are happy to help!

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