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Immodestea Tea Master Club

To learn about tea you must experience tea. To learn about incredible tea you must experience incredible tea. Our goal with the Tea Master’s Club is to give you the most educational and highest quality single origin tea subscription service out there. Over the months you’ll become intimate with tea in it’s many forms, putting you in the top 1% of informed tea drinkers..

Each Master Box includes 3 – 4 variations of one style of tea, which changes each month. Several pots worth of tea are provided for each variation, along with specific brewing instructions and a place to take notes as you familiarize yourself with the flavors. The educational insert teaches you information on the style, type and variations within. All of this, in one beautiful box.

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  1. Adalyn Naka

    Before I started serving tea myself, I didn’t realize how much more it is than a beverage–it’s a ceremony, a means for connection, a form of meditation. It’s changed the way I interact with others, myself, and the world. Daniel and Stephen introduced me to the magic of tea and taught me most of what I know. They are incredibly knowledgable servers with a fun, genuine, authentic vibe, and can add the extra thing you didn’t know was missing to any event! Looking back on the past six months, tea has had a huge influence on my relationships. It’s my go-to social suggestion when I want to get to know someone and deeply connect. I’ve brought my Immodestea wares across the country to connect and share my newfound love with old family and friends!

  2. Louisa Laroche

    After some years of enjoying tea in different forms, I’m enjoying the tea variation Immodestea sends every month. The packaging is clean and natural with a ton of tea samples to try. I like to sit down with friends and taste the samples before we look through the informative leaflet describing harvest times and tasting notes. The experience is fun and educational. Would highly recommend the service. Surprised how much tea knowledge I’m gaining.

  3. Alex Shifman

    The tea selection is amazing, of course, but the real value for the club is the knowledge and the dedication that Stephen and Daniel put into it. After each month I feel like I know twice as much about tea as I did the month before.