Heat Seeker Box

The Heat Seeker Box is a seasonal subscription box featuring spicy foods curated by Cayenne Diane. Each season delivers the best spicy foods out there. You might just discover your new favorite hot sauce or snack, at least until your next box arrives!

95 per quarter

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  1. John

    Heat Seeker Box is awesome.

  2. John

    We really love this subscription! The Heat Seeker box from Cayenne Diane is a treat that we look forward to every 3 months. We’re on our 5th box now and I’m still pleased and will keep my subscription going. The box is always full of unique and fun new discoveries but it’s not only about the hot sauce! No way! Every box has fun spicy foods that I look forward to. Popcorn (my favorite), candy and chocolates, spice rubs, cheesy poofs, pickles, + seeds for growing our own pepper plants (once, even seeds for the coveted Carolina Reaper!). I’m always impressed with the choices she has sent us.

    Major advantages: Cayenne Diane has chosen sauces that are not foul “blow your head off-hot” novelty sauces you find at the mall. These are flavorful sauces and dips that follow the popular trends and styles of the sauce world. I trust that anything I get in the Heat Seeker box puts me in the respectable club of heat connoisseurs. I’m putting these sauces on most of my food at home now!

    Also, I always have a last minute gift on hand to bring to BBQs, parties, housewarming events. I got the good sauces on hand!

    tl;dr – Fun variety. Good hot box. Would recommend. 10/10