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Gwynnie Bee Reviews

Updated October 31, 2023

Gwynnie Bee

With Gwynnie Bee, you don’t need to worry about finding clothes you love, running around town shopping or the emotional roller coaster of trying on clothes in-store. Their unlimited clothing subscription will help you create your ultimate closet by offering you endless styles to borrow at any time. With free shipping and unlimited returns, Gwynnie Bee will ensure you never have to wear the same outfit twice.

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Subscribing to Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee has become one of the most popular unlimited clothing rentals for women because it’s convenient, stylish and much more affordable than buying new clothes every month.  You can stay fashionable while also staying within your budget with their numerous tiers, rental brands, member reviews and style guidance on designers and fit. They originally started as the only clothing rental service focusing on plus-sized women, but now they offer clothing in all sizes, from 0 to 24.

You can customize your subscription to fit any budget or wardrobe needs and pick exactly how many pieces you’d like in each shipment. Many members like to keep three to five pieces at a time, but you can hang on to as few as one item at a time or as many as ten items out at the same time. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will have unlimited swaps throughout your monthly rental service. So you will never be without fun, fresh clothes for work, parties or everyday wear!

Everything you need to put together outfits for work, social events or vacations will be available at your fingertips. You won’t have to schlep around town looking at numerous shops or finding out they don’t have a certain style in your size. Their unlimited closet shows you what’s available at the time of rental and how to piece together certain styles. Build an outfit or an entire week of outfits with what is available in your closet at the time, then have them delivered to your home — no more running around and trying to match this shop’s top with this boutique’s bottoms. You can choose from Gwynnie Bee’s various suggestions and Style Inspiration lists to build a box that works for your current needs, keeping each piece as little or as long as possible. You’ll save time, money and – most importantly – frustration as they make it super easy to get all your rental clothes within a matter of days.

How Gwynnie Bee Works

The best part of Gwynnie Bee is that it makes getting dressed for work or a special event so easy! You start by picking out a plan that works for you – up to 10 pieces at a time – based on the wardrobe needs you have within a monthly timeframe. You can keep the pieces as long as you like or send them back to swap out for another piece. You’ll start by making a profile that will help the service suggest clothing brands and pieces that fit your style and life. At the beginning of creating a profile, they’ll ask you to choose your size in three brands so that they can have an idea of sizing and styles that work for you. Simply scroll down to any of the brands they offer and click on the size you usually wear in that brand. After choosing three of these, it will ask you to save your profile so you can see suggested brands that would fit similarly. Save this profile by adding your email and creating a password, and you’ll see the Unlimited Closet that Gwynne Bee suggests to you.

Once you have an account with Gwynnie Bee, you can pick out clothes from one of their curated lists, like New Arrivals, Top Rated or Now Trending. Or, if you prefer, you can choose specific pieces from categories like Shirts & Blouses, Pants & Leggings or Dresses. If you hate wearing pants and love wearing dresses, just click over to the Dresses category. You can curate your box to fit your needs that week and easily find what you want most.

From here, you can start “favoriting” certain items to build your unlimited virtual closet. Adding as many items as possible really helps you in the service. Gwynnie Bee’s algorithm will start suggesting clothes to you based on your favorite items, so favorite away! You’ll need at least eight pieces in your virtual closet before you can start building your first shipment. And, remember, since it’s a rental service, items will be available on a rolling basis. So, making long lists of favorites will give you the most advantage in getting great suggestions from the service.

Once you’re done building lists and have a curated online closet, you’ll be able to start creating a box for your first shipment. Gwynnie Bee will let you know what is currently available from your closet. Then you can pick and choose clothing items until your box is full. The box will ship from their warehouse in Ohio, so once you finally order a box, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your new clothes to show up at your door!

The clothing in your box always comes completely dry cleaned – you don’t even have to wash them! – and wrapped in tissue paper to protect your pieces.  Unwrapping your Gwynnie Bee clothing pieces is just like getting a new shipment from an online store. Open up the box, unwrap your clothes and try them on to see how they fit.

In the best case scenario, you fall in love with a piece and get even more excited about what else is in your box. Gwynnie Bee’s goal is for you to “raid our closet as often as you like—anytime, anywhere—and never wear the same outfit twice!”

With free shipping and unlimited returns, you’ll get the most out of your membership by quickly trying on pieces, sending them back after you wear them and ordering a new box. And if you really, really love a piece? You can buy it – often at a discount – right from your account and keep it forever.

How Much Does Gwynnie Bee Cost?
Gwynne Bee has various plan options that you can tailor to perfectly fit your needs. At the current moment, a one-item-at-a-time plan starts at $49/month and a ten-items-at-a-time plan runs $199/month. Choose the number of pieces you’d like at a time and receive unlimited exchanges throughout the month. Plus, all plans include unlimited exchanges, shipping and dry cleaning.

Benefits of subscribing to the unlimited closet at Gwynnie Bee:

  • Unlimited closet and unlimited returns: No matter what plan you sign up for, you will have  unlimited swaps for the month and access to thousands of outfits.
  • Trending and classic pieces: Gwynnie Bee offers a variety of brands and designers. So whether you’re looking for the hottest new trends or tried-and-true pieces, they’ve got you covered.
  • Plenty of options: Whether you’re looking for work tops, event dresses, or trying to find the perfect jeans for your body, you’ll never run out of options with the unlimited closet at Gwynnie Bee. With tons of options available for your choosing, you can rest assured that you can find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Shopping Convenience: The best part of the service is that they deliver it right to your door. Experience all the fun of shopping in-store without the inconvenience of parking, carrying packages or low inventory. Plus, it’s free shipping and returns.
  • Sustainability: If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of fast fashion, renting your clothes through the circular economy will ensure you do not create more fashion waste. This way, you can feel good while looking good!

Benefits and Drawbacks of Gwynnie Bee

Whether or not a clothing service works for your lifestyle is very personal. Certain aspects might seem like a pro or con, depending on your fashion needs. Here is a list of potential pros and cons of renting clothes from this subscription service.

Drawbacks of Gwynnie Bee

The biggest potential con of a Gwynnie Bee could be the shipping times. While the cleaning and packing professionals at the Ohio warehouse work diligently to get your box out, shipping time will vary depending on your distance to it. You may also encounter some very worn items as the basis of this service is to reuse clothing and dry clean it in between. Finally, if you are sensitive to scents or dry cleaning solutions, this may be the biggest con for you.

Benefits of Gwynnie Bee

The pros can actually come from the same list. If you live near the Ohio warehouse (or, at least, on the East Coast or northern midwest), your shipping times will be quicker. If you hate laundering your clothes, you will probably find the free dry cleaning to be a significant benefit. And if you have been purchasing clothes to create your own wardrobe, you will see that renting is an absolute pro. You will save hundreds of dollars by renting your clothes on Gwynnie Bee and get many more outfits to wear!

Getting the Most Out of Your Gwynnie Bee Subscription

One insider tip is that if there is a brand that you have never worn before, try it on immediately. The quicker you know something doesn’t fit, the faster you can send it back to swap for something else. If you’re looking for an outfit for a specific event, you’ll especially want to try on and “flip” your box as quickly as possible, accounting for the shipping time to the warehouse and back again.

Is Gwynnie Bee Worth It?

When you realize that a new shirt or pair or jeans can cost way more than the lowest rental plan’s price, it’s obvious how cost-effective Gwynnie Bee can be for any fashion lover. For one simple fee, you can create an unlimited amount of exchanges. The $49 spot could procure 3-4 pieces per month for any member. With Gwynnie Bee clothing rental, you get a fantastic array of clothing choices without having to buy them at retail prices. And you get the flexibility and variety you wouldn’t get if you were purchasing all your pieces in a mall. Enjoy the dresses, skirts, tops, and bottoms of your closet dreams for one rental price.


What does Gwynnie Bee cost?

Gwynnie Bee offers subscription plans that you can tailor to perfectly fit your needs. Choose the number of pieces you’d like at a time and you’ll be able to send back your box an unlimited amount of times every month. All plans include unlimited exchanges, shipping and dry cleaning.

How long does Gwynnie Bee shipping take?

They are currently shipping via USPS from their warehouse in Ohio. Shipping time depends on your proximity to the warehouse.

Where does Gwynnie Bee ship?

They currently ship to all 50 United States, its commonwealths, territories and possessions, including Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Saipan and Guam. They are hoping to expand internationally, as well.

How does Gwynnie Bee handle returns?

Every box comes with a prepaid return label. Simply place any items you’re returning in the box, seal it and adhere the prepaid label to the front.

Is this clothing service for plus size only?

Gwynnie Bee started as the premier clothing service for sizes 10 to 32. But since January 2018, they have offered styles for all women sizes 0 to 32.

What if I damage a piece of clothing?

Normal wear and tear is covered under all Gwynnie Bee rentals. They also cover dry cleaning for every item.

What is Gwynnie Bee?

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental service wherein you can browse, wear, return or purchase items from their unlimited closet. Shipping both ways and dry cleaning is included.

Does Gwynnie Bee have customer support?

They do! Agents are available Monday through Friday from 9 am – 5 pm Eastern Time. Email customer support at [email protected] or call them at 1-855-499-6643.

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