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Graze offers a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sampling box of 8 little pre-packaged healthy snacks.

99 per month

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  1. Mrilyn Hipp

    On “the surface” this looks like a nice avenue for treats. However, I find I cannot CANCEL THE THING!! I have made one attempt and another box showed up today!!!! I am calling my credit card administrator!!!
    M. Hipp, resident in Tennessee

  2. Anna Perea

    I have asked you to quote sending me boxes because I was not happy with the one I got. SO PLEASE STOP AT ONCE

    • Valerie

      Hi Anna,
      We aren’t Graze or affiliated with them. You will need to reach out to them directly – we are just a directory of boxes.

  3. jammy

    I liked the snacks, but it was kind of a pain to go through and rate all of them.

  4. lanemarinab

    Nutritious, tasty snacks. Good variety. A little to frequent for me.

  5. Dgt Mandt

    I loved the IDEA of these boxes, and I had gotten one I liked. Therefore I got a gift subscription for someone else. Unfortunately Graze totally ruined it for him, they took off the special offer he had signed up for. I paid full price for his gift subscription, but they said you can’t do two “gifts” or offers so they took his offer away and he ended up spending so much time, energy and stress on it, it just wasn’t worth it at all. I ended up feeling horrible for giving him a “gift” and cancelled my subscription. He did the same before he even received his stuff, and of course Graze never tried to make it right! 🙁

  6. michelehuynh67

    This is my first ever food related subscription box and it was a good experience. I’ve only gotten the $1 sampler but the snacks in it were awesome! I like how you get to see the options you have and an rate how much they appeal to you based on pictures and descriptions.

  7. Jana Williams

    I Have Never Tried the Graze Subscription Box Before But I Would Really Love to Try it One Day! I Think it’s Awesome That There’s a Subscription Box Out There That Has an Awesome Variety of Snacks, Some Healthy, Some Sweet, & Some Salty! I Also Think That $13.99 is an Awesome Price for a Graze Subscription Box Because I Know That There Are a Lot of Food or Snack Subscription Boxes That Cost a Lot More, One of Which That I Personally Tried Was Almost 3 Times the Price of This One! I Hope One Day That I Get the Chance to Try This Awesome Box, Thanks So Much! Have a Blessed Day! ✌??

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