German Food Box

Subscribers to German Food Box embark on a blind tour of German food with German Food Box as your adventure guide! All subscribers to German Food Box receive their boxes with 6-8 different items every month. Every German Food Box is curated by experts who carefully selects a collection of products that are most representative of the German cuisine.

00 per month

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  1. Graham Abbott

    I have been trying to cancel for weeks now and have been unable. No answers to any of my emails.

  2. Rosita Carson

    It’s not worth the money items are often things I can not eat or drink I have been trying to cancel for sometime now but to no avail and it sucks i feel like I’m being taken advantage of.

  3. Brenda Janson

    I was disappointed on my first German food box. The product in the box wasn’t $39.00 quantity .