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The Harry Potter Subscription is a one of a kind and a must have for any H.P. Fan! You’ll receive one box a month filled with Harry Potter Items. The box will be personalised to the House of Hogwarts you are in every month! 2 – 3 times the value in every box!

50 per month

Save 10% on your first month! Use coupon code NEWSUB10.


Save 15% on your subscription. Use coupon code SPECIAL15.


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  1. ellen.zethzon

    Is this closed? I’ve tried to subscribe but it doesn’t work

    • Brandy

      looks like they moved sites. updated!

    • Becky

      It says they won’t be taking any orders until the 21st of this month. 🙂

    • Gwyneth

      Can you unsubscribe one you have subscribed? I only want one or two boxes.

      • Brandy

        yes, cancel online i think!

    • ellen

      oh, thanks for the answers, it’s working now! I feel stupid for the fact that I didn’t see the information haha

    • Rebecca

      How much is this box in the us? I keep looking but can’t find a answer lol

      • Brandy

        The listing shows the US price & shipping.

    • Rajesh Kumar

      Do you ship in India. If yes how much time it takes for delivery

  2. Addie Shafran

    can you subscribe for every other month?

  3. Sarah

    I want!

    • Owen

      The box go in France

    • M

      Someone in England did videos of box openings. I think the only way to know is to try ordering and see if your country is there.

    • Amber

      I got mine in Japan(military fpo)! And it did include a shirt, a wand, a lanyard, a coin and a few other great collectors items! I can’t wait for next month’s box!

    • GryffindorHouse

      I’m living in The Netherlands, but is there somewhere i can pay with euros? And is this only online, or also in stores in england? (i’m going to england about 2 months so thats why i wanna know) 😛

    • GryffindorHouse

      Owen, Did you pay with euro’s (how did you do that. :P) or with Pounds?

  4. Ravenclaw

    Can you get wands?

    • M

      I was watching YouTube and someone showed that they got a wand in the November box

    • Jane

      Can you choose which house theme you get?

    • Slytherin

      You do get to pick your house.

  5. Harriet Walker

    Do they ship to New Zealand?

  6. Mousumi Pradhan

    Can I get those to India???


    Can anyone still sign up for this and anytime??

    • Slytherin


  8. Katelyn

    Will this box ship to Canada??

    • Brandy


    • Anonymous

      Does it ship to Australia?

      • Brandy


    • Jayne Rose

      Does it ship to the USA ??

  9. Emy_Fredda

    can I get those to italy?

  10. Snapelover

    Can i get them in Norway?

  11. Michelle

    When do people in the us usually get their box?

  12. Alexandra Adkins

    So confusinggg

    • Valerie

      Clicking Subscribe takes you to the Cratejoy page. Choose which version of the sub you want, which house you’re in, and t-shirt size. Enter shipping and billing information. They ship worldwide.

  13. TJ

    Worst customer service. Their policy NOT to track packages for four weeks. 10 weeks after placing order and still nothing. Save your money.

  14. siomn

    Geek Gearboxes ltd is in great financial difficulties. this is due to a new owner from June 2019, this company has refused to reply to any emails and has stopped sending boxes out.