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FYTSO is the personal styling service that helps women who live a healthy lifestyle look and feel their best.You will receive up to 5 personally picked items according to the choices you made during profile creation.Only keep the items that you want and simply send back the rest. $0 styling fee, average price is $49.95 per item.


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  1. aussiewebs

    What does it mean when it says “Box Closed” ? Does that mean that they are temporarily not taking any more subscribers ? Or does it mean that the company no longer exists ? Something else ? Thanks.

    • Brandy

      It means the subscription has been canceled. Sometimes it means the entire company closed or just their subscription. Out of literally 4000+ boxes we’ve only moved one to open once or twice. They never return once they are closed!

    • aussiewebs

      Thanks so much for the quick reply. What a bummer as it looked like a good sub–Oh well, still plenty of subs left from which to choose 🙂