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FLX Family Favorites Box

Pork and Beef raised the way you want it to be, from the rolling pastures of the #1 Wine Country in America! Your FLX Family Favorites Box will contain 8 to 11 lbs (on average 1 pound more than “the other guys”) of mouthwatering Local from the Finger Lakes Region Pork and Beef.

We personally hand select, and guarantee that all hand packed boxes of meat are minimally process and are free of added hormones, dyes and flavors. As natural as it can possibly be, from our real Finger Lakes Small Family Farm, to your table.

Example Box:

2- Packs: Smoked Pork Bacon (24 oz min.)
3- 3/4″ Pork Chops (30 oz min.)
2 – NY Strip Steaks (24 oz min.)
2- Beef Ribeye Steak (24 oz min.)
2 – Packs: Black Angus Burger (16 oz)
1 – Pack: FLX Favorites Sirloin Ground Beef (16 oz)
1- Pack: Blank Angus Shaved Steak (16 oz min.)
1 – Pack: Country Pork Sausage Patties (16 oz.)
Bonus: Grade A Pure Local NY Maple Syrup
Relax, Finger Lakes Steak has got you covered. Choose one month for a one-time only shipment.

Enjoy the best tastes of the Finger lakes with FLX Steak! Small Family Farms, Naturally Raised Meats, Delivered!

00 per box (set your own schedule)


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