Flight Pizza

Each month’s Flight Box features a unique pizza from a boutique pizza supplier. When it arrives at your doorstep it’s got the contents for a meal with your favorite people in the comfort of your own home! With 4-6 servings and easy to follow photo instructions you can enjoy a great meal together!

99 per month

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  1. Andrea M Burrola

    This subscription for Flight Pizza is a rip off!

    Let’s start with the pizza: I am not exaggerating when I say that I’ve had DiGiornio pizza that has been better. 2 tiny pizzas – one with pepperoni, one just cheese and tasted like cardboard. It came in an unmarked box with dry ice wrapped in newspaper. The shipping is astronomical and I can almost guarantee that these people unbox a Red Baron pizza and ship it to you in a recycled box with dry ice. It’s horrible! Don’t be duped. On top of that when I messaged them via IG they were threatening saying “Did you hear me ask your name?” I was too scared to give it to them and blocked their account on IG.