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Receive a box of carefully curated products and presents from your home country, every month. The content of your Expack will change every month but we’ll make sure it contains a good mix of staple food items, regional goodies, grooming and bath essentials and more!

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  1. Sean

    Paid twice and nothing after 5 weeks. Nervous because not getting feedback on my order.

  2. Steve

    very bad.. took 4 weeks to recive got billed twice before receiving,,, products not even sent from the UK.. out dated old stock.. mars bar? . you can just about buy that in any country… really crap.. dont waste time with this shit.

  3. Kerry Ward

    I was very disappointed with my Expack experience. I signed up for the service as a
    Christmas gift for my wife. I was intrigued by the items advertised on social media for the UK box. However, when my box arrived, it only contained 1 of the advertised items. The remaining 8 items were all random “filler” items. In addition, 4 of the 9 items in my box were expired, and 1 of the other items expired within a week. Two of the expired items were snack size bags of Tayto chips.

    I was so completely embarrassed by the gift and disappointed by the experience, that I contacted Expack customer service. They offered me a “partial” refund on the expired items and completely missed the point of my complaint against their bait-and-switch approach.

    Even so, the size, quality and variety of the items included in the box do not merit the subscription price. It really feels like a scam, which is disappointing because I really enjoyed the idea of the service. It just doesn’t deliver.

  4. ingrid

    I subscribed three weeks and I never receive the box. Why ?

  5. Susan Young, PhD

    How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

    • Brandy

      here’s what their website says: How do I cancel my subscription?All you have to do is log in and go to My Account, Edit the Subscription you would like to cancel, and click “Cancel Subscription” on the next page.

  6. Danielle Kwiatkowski

    I ordered this, and after two emails, a phone call (had to leave a message), several Facebook posts, several PMs on Facebook, not one customer service rep has reached out to me regarding a missing order and TWO charges on my account. Save your money and order from Amazon!

  7. Rosina ward

    I recently received my first expatiate and after patiently waiting 3 weeks I’m really disappointed. The biscuits were crushed and stale and the selection was not what I was expecting . Dandelion juice Really,, .i don’t think that is something I would miss and pay to have sent to me . I will wait for my next shipment but it will have to get a lot better than the first or it will be cancelled .